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How To Take Steroids Safely And Get Better Results?

Want boulder shoulders, huge traps, 24-inch pythons.

And pecs so huge you need a bra?

If yes, then you’ve probably been tempted to jump to the dark side and hop on a steroid cycle.

Androgenic Anabolic Steroids, or AAS as they are known.

Are a lot more common and popular than people realize?

They are utilized by men and women of all ages.

All over the world, for a number of reasons.

Some use them to literally get as jacked as possible.

While others simply inject to help stay lean.

In reality, however, in terms of how to take steroids safely.

You don’t necessarily have to inject them at all.

Oral steroids are just as powerful as injectables.

If not more so in fact.

If you are tempted to hop on a bicycle (that’s slang for running a steroid cycle by the way) you may wish to familiarize yourself with things relating to taking steroids.

And indeed how to get the most out of your steroid cycles.

If you aren’t using them correctly then not only will you fail to see and feel the benefits.

But you will also put your health at risk which could potentially be fatal.

We don’t want that to happen.

Our Thoughts On Steroid Use:

The aim of this article isn’t to cast judgment or to sway your decision regarding steroid use one way or another.

It is simply to provide unbiased, honest, straight-to-the-point advice.

We don’t condone the use of steroids as they can be very dangerous.

But at the same time, we don’t judge people that do.

To reap the rewards associated with steroids you need to put a lot of hard work in

Which is not easy.

People will always use steroids, despite knowing the risks.

So we would rather they did so in a safe and controlled environment while having access to honest advice like what we’re about to give.

As we’ve covered that, let’s now look at how to take them safely to help you get more from your cycles.

Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Why Do People Use Steroids?

People use steroids for a wide variety of different reasons.

The reason for this is that no two steroids are exactly alike.

For the media and people that are honest, fairly ignorant when it comes to the use of steroids.

The terms itself is very vague.

They’ll say ‘he’s only big because he’s on steroids’ but if you asked them to name just one steroid they’d look at you blankly.

They seem to think that all steroids are alike and basically the same when this couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it is true that steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone created in a lab.

With various esters added to each one, different results can be achieved.

Anavar, for example, is one of the weakest and safest steroids on the market today.

And it is known as the ‘girl steroid’ because women can use it safely.

You can have more information about Anavar for women.

On the opposite side of the scale, we have Trenbolone.

Which is probably the most powerful steroid.

That is used by the real hulking beasts you see walking around at 8% body fat.

Despite being close to 300 pounds in weight.

Steroids can help you build muscle.

They can help boost energy levels.

They can help burn fat, they can promote increases in strength.

And they can do much more.

People, therefore, use them for different reasons.

Certain athletes, for example, that have been caught cheating while using steroids,

Cough Lance Armstrong *cough will use steroids for performance-enhancing purposes to help them perform athletically at a higher level.

They won’t use the same anabolic steroid stack like a pro bodybuilder looking to step on stage and compete at 4% body fat, ripped to shreds, at over 260 pounds.

This is because an athlete looking to benefit from speed and endurance would not benefit from huge amounts of muscle on his frame as this would slow him down.

So, the message we’re trying to get across here is that different people use steroids for different reasons.

Which Types Of PED Should You Use?

When people take steroids in the movies or on the TV.

Primarily it’s a character going through some sort of mental breakdown.

Looking to get big and jacked.

He will always inject the steroids as this looks more dramatic.

And ultimately he will experience severe ‘roid rage’ and some form of heart attack, stroke, or something equally as severe before learning his lesson.

Contrary to what the media would have you believe.

However, not all steroids have to be injected.

Some steroids are taken orally.

Just as you would a headache tablet or vitamin supplement.

The reason people in the movies don’t use steroids in this manner is that it looks boring in comparison with injecting a needle in your butt.

People seem to think that oral steroids are weaker than injectable ones when in reality this is the exact opposite.

Oral steroids can be a lot more dangerous because they affect the liver and promote liver toxicity which can suppress liver health and function.

The downside to injecting steroids.

Of course, is the fact that it hurts to inject a needle inside you.

It’s awkward collecting and disposing of the needles.

And of course, there is the risk of an infected injection site.

Injecting Steroids:

We’re not going to bother telling you how to take oral steroids because if you don’t know how to swallow a tablet by now then you shouldn’t be using them at all.

What we will say, however, is to always use the recommended dosage.

But we’ll cover that a little later.

For now, we’ll focus on injecting steroids.

When you inject steroids, a common misconception is that you have to inject directly into your veins intravenously.

This isn’t true because doing so can potentially be fatal.

All steroids are designed to be injected into the muscles as this allows the steroids to reach the areas they are supposed to reach in a slow and controlled manner.

People often inject into the glute cheek because this is the largest muscle in the body.

Steroid injections can be oil-based.

Or they can be water-based.

If you go with a water-based steroid.

This will be utilized very quickly.

So daily injections will be more likely.

Oil-based injections, however, make their way around the body more slowly.

So you may only need to inject once or twice per day.

How To Take Steroids Safely

How To Take Steroids Safely?

So, we’ve now established that different individuals use different types of steroids for different reasons.

But how does one go about using steroids safely and effectively?

Well, there are actually a number of things you can do to ensure that you’re using steroids safely and effectively.

Choose The Right Needle

When it comes to steroids, there isn’t a one size fits all in terms of needle size.

For example, HGH for men can be injected in the form of an epi-pen.

Which is incredibly easy.

You can choose needles of different sizes.

But it all depends on which steroids you inject.

Oil-based steroids will be thicker than water-based.

So you’ll want a larger needle because the liquid is thicker and would struggle to pass through a thin needle.

Draw Air

Before you draw the steroids into the needle, the first thing you need to do is draw the exact same amount of air into the syringe as the amounts of steroids you will be injecting.

Next, place the needle into the steroids you are injecting and empty the air.

Which will allow you to draw the steroids much easier into the syringe!

Now, push the plunger forward and tap the syringe to remove any air bubbles.

A little of the steroids will shoot out.

So always draw a tiny bit extra.

It may seem wasteful, but it is necessary.


Before injecting, make sure your skin is clean.

That means no shooting up in the bathroom of the gym when you’re all sweaty after training.

Shower, dry yourself thoroughly and disinfect the muscle you are injected with an alcohol solution.


This next part sounds harsh, but remember.

We’re here to provide you with a no BS approach to steroid use.

Before injecting, plunge the needle into the muscle, pull the plunger back, but don’t push down.

This is known as aspirating.

If any blood is in the syringe, remove it and inject a different area as this means you’ve hit a blood vessel and it could result in the steroids getting into the lungs.

This can cause a very severe cough.

If, however, no blood entered the syringe during aspiration, push the plunger and you’re good to go.

Remove The Needle Carefully

Once inside your muscle.

Don’t just push the plunger and whip the needle out as quickly as possible as this will cause the steroid liquid to squirt out of the muscle.

Instead, leave it inside for 20 seconds or so.

And slowly remove it.

Once removed, place a clean and sterile cotton pad over the injection site and hold it there for 30 seconds or so.

A little blood is perfectly normal, so don’t worry.

Once the cotton pad has gone, firmly massage the injection site to ensure the liquid has dispersed effectively and that’s pretty much that.

Always Buy From Trusted Sources

Injecting steroids, or swallowing them orally, is very dangerous.

You, therefore, need to make sure that the steroids you have purchased have come from trusted and reliable sources.

Even if you are confident that the source you purchased the gear from is reliable.

It is still advisable that you get it tested and checked out to make sure that you are taking what you are supposed to be taking.

When using steroids, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Never Exceed The Recommended Dosage

As hard to believe as it is, there are people out there who seem to think that doubling up on the number of steroids that they are taking will suddenly result in them gaining more size and strength and seeing better results.

This is very stupid and dangerous and has been known to be fatal.

Steroids don’t have recommended dosages just for the sake of it, they have them because they are the dosages that trained professionals to recommend in terms of safety and effectiveness.

If you are taking more steroids than you should.

You won’t get bigger, faster, or stronger.

But you will run the risk of getting dead!

Always Run Post Cycle Therapy

PCT, or post cycle therapy, is not optional, it is mandatory.

PCT is designed to help you to restore the natural balance of your body after running a steroid cycle.

It helps you to avoid estrogenic side-effects such as gynecomastia.

Plus it is designed to help you restore natural testosterone production.

Which can be suppressed during a steroid cycle.

PCT basically minimizes the risks associated with a steroid cycle and helps get your body back working how it was before you started using steroids.

Most commonly you will hear people talking about Nolvadex or Clomid when it comes to PCT.

So familiarize yourself with these.

Discontinue Use If You Experience Extreme Side Effects

With steroids, certain side effects such as acne, oily skin, irritability, hair loss/growth, is perfectly normal.

If, however, you notice any severe adverse reactions to the steroids.

You should discontinue use immediately for safety reasons.

And speak to a medical expert.

When it comes down to how to take steroids safely.

You can’t take any risks as far as your health is concerned.

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