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Updated September 10, 2020
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Decaduro is a legal steroid that replicates the effects of deca durabolin (nandrolone) during bulking cycles. It’s a compound that’s been designed to give bodybuilders phenomenal strength and mass gains, whilst successfully abiding by the FDA’s tight rules and regulations regarding anabolic steroids. Thus decaduro is 100% safe to use, unlike illegal deca durabolin that some people buy via the black market.

Deca durabolin is one of the best bulking steroids, adding large amounts of size and strength to a user’s muscles. Equally, deca is very unique – no other steroid can match it, in terms of developing exceptional muscle thickness. On deca, your muscles will constantly feel pumped in and out of the gym. After several weeks into your cycle you will notice an extra dimension of fullness and thickness to your muscles, like you’ve never seen before.

Deca durabolin is also one of the best steroids for strength, thus if you want to smash through all your PR’s with ease, deca is the compound to take.

Deca is thought to be one of the steroids Arnold Schwarzenegger was stacking alongside dianabol, when he became 7x Mr Olympia champion.

Pro bodybuilders back then took deca durabolin, however pro bodybuilders now are using legal steroids such as decaduro, because it doesn’t pose any health risks. Ramsford Smith and Tom Coleman are just two pro bodybuilders who regularly speak highly of Crazy Bulk’s products (see them below).

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Why Buy Deca Durabolin From Crazy Bulk?

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  • HUGE Pumps
  • MONSTER strength
  • 100% LEGAL formula
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Anyone who’s bulking and wants to get bigger and stronger – decaduro is the perfect compound for you. Millions of people around the world want the gains from deca durabolin, thus Crazy Bulk have provided an option to buy such a compound legally, where you don’t have to risk getting conned on the black market, getting into trouble with the police or jeopardizing your health.

Ordering it is also hassle-free as payments are secure online, and you don’t need to present a doctor’s prescription.

How to Use

Take 3 tablets of decaduro a day, for up to 8 weeks. Each bottle of decaduro will last you 30 days, thus if you want your cycle to last 60 days, you’ll need to order 2 bottles. Decaduro works like deca durabolin, thus it takes quite a while for it to get into your system (due to longer esters). Consequently it’s normal to experience the most gains midway through and in the latter stages of your cycle. Thus it’s recommended to order more than 1 month’s worth.

If you’re taking decaduro to bulk up, it’s important to eat in a calorie surplus, with at least 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight. This will increase protein synthesis and keep your muscles in a positive nitrogen balance, enhancing your gains.

Side Effects

Decaduro does not reproduce the harsh side effects of deca durabolin, that’s bought via underground labs.

Decaduro won’t cause any water retention, put you at risk of developing gynecomastia, increase your blood pressure, shut down your testosterone levels or give you ‘deca dick’.

Deca dick is another term for erectile dysfunction. Deca durabolin is notorious for this side effect, hence the term. 

Thus decaduro is perfect for those who want their sexual organs fully functioning during and long after their cycle finishes. This legal steroid will nose pose any threats to your health, and will keep you looking aesthetic as it won’t cause extracellular water retention like illegal nandrolone.

What to Stack Decaduro (Deca Durabolin) With?

bulking stack

Decaduro (deca durabolin) is a bulking compound, thus to make the best muscle gains – it’s recommended to stack it with other bulking steroids.

The best legal bulking steroids are as follows:

  • D-Bal (dianabol)
  • Trenorol (trenbolone)
  • Testo-Max (sustanon 250)
  • Anadrole (anadrol)

The first three on the list are available to buy in Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack (deca durabolin is also included in this). However, anadrol is also a very powerful compound and would compliment deca well, so you may wish to add this too.

Trenorol and Testo-max are 2 compounds which may burn a little fat during your bulk – whereas the other legal steroids will simply add size and mass.

It’s not generally recommended to run a deca-only cycle, as your testosterone will tank quickly into your cycle. Also deca isn’t an androgenic compound, thus running deca alone is cutting your gains short. As a result, bodybuilders often combine deca with dianabol, testosterone or anadrol.

Deca Durabolin Gains


Decaduro is designed to replicate the anabolic effects of nandrolone (deca durabolin).

Deca durabolin-only cycles are usually very underwhelming, with users gaining roughly 10bs from running it alone. When running it with other powerful steroids like anadrol, gains can increase anywhere from 2-4x.

With deca durabolin for sale on the black market, you can expect to lose some gains due to the water weight you’ll gain during a cycle. However, because decaduro doesn’t cause any fluid retention, your gains will stay with you post-cycle.

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