Anadrol Review (Oxymetholone) Steroid, Side Effects, Benefits

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Many people like the sound of anadrol, when they hear about its benefits, being huge muscle gains and crazy increases in strength.

However, some people become wary/put off when they hear about A-drol’s potential side effects. Hence how many people have conflicting opinions on this steroid from:



It gave me man boobs, I almost killed my girlfriend and had to ask Father Christmas for a new liver.

So, are anadrol’s side effects overrated or is it simply a toxic steroid? You’re about to find out right now in my anadrol review.

The following is knowledge gained from my experience of cycling anadrol over the years. It’s also from reading up about others people’s experiences from using anadrol (in real life and on various forums). In this article I’ve simply summarized all the pros and cons that users will face when take this bulking steroid.

Anadrol Pros

Typical Benefits of Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

There are many benefits associated with taking Anadrol. They include:

• An average gain of 20-30 pounds of lean muscle mass in 4-6 weeks of use
• Anadrol works well when stacked with other bulking steroids like testosterone, deca or dianabol
• It elevates testosterone to unnaturally high levels causing rapid muscle growth
• Anadrol eases joint pains, often experienced during weight training
• It causes more fluid retention inside the muscles, increasing strength levels.

HUGE Muscle/Strength Gains

Anadrol is probably the greatest steroid in the world for building huge amounts of muscle mass.

…even ahead of dianabol.

Your muscles are going to blow up bigger and faster than ever. And you’re going to be lifting weights that you could of only dreamed of lifting before. And this can all happen in just the first week of taking anadrol.

Many who have taken anadrol and have got on well with it, include it in their ‘best ever stack’.

Rich Piana did just this, claiming his best ever cycle was when he stacked anadrol with trenbolone and testosterone. It’s thought that stacking it alongside androgenic steroids helps maximize its effects.

The recommended dose for taking anadrol is 50-100mg. If you’ve only recently started taking it you should start at 50mg, and if you’ve been on anadrol before you can go as high as 100mg. Anything above 100mg though is just asking for trouble.

Anadrol is powerful enough as it is.

…and if there’s one steroid you shouldn’t overdose on – it’s A-drol.

However, all of these gains come at a price, as your side effects are going to be more (compared to taking other anabolics).

Anadrol Cons

  • Bad for Liver
  • Water retention
  • Shuts you down
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Risk of gyno

Liver Stress

Like other steroids, anadrol can also cause damage to the liver. Thus it would be a good idea to keep your anadrol cycles as short as possible and supplement with liver stabil.

Your dose amount, the duration of your cycle and the amount of alcohol you drink, will determine how much damage will be caused to your liver on A-drol.

For this reason it’s ideal to take a short cycle (3-6 weeks) and avoid any alcohol consumption whatsoever when taking this compound. Also if you’re on any medication, check with your doctor to see if it’s toxic on the liver. Because if it is, combining them it anadrol isn’t a good idea.

Water Retention

Some people say,

“If you don’t want to look fat on anadrol, get lean before taking it.”

The reason for this is because it causes significant amounts of water retention, making you look smooth and puffy. However, if you’re already lean and eat a clean diet, you’re less likely to look like a bloated, fat mess.

Because you’ll gain a lot of water weight on anadrol, you’ll also lose some size once you finish your cycle.

Testosterone Shutdown

There’s no questioning your testosterone levels whilst taking anadrol, you’ll feel like Superman.

However, post-cycle is a different story altogether. Anadrol will shut you down hard, compared to other compounds, meaning your test will take a while to recover. As a result, your immune system will be weak and you can become a bit fluey.

This is why many guys who use anadrol, take testosterone with it to reduce these low-T symptoms.

So, say you take anadrol for 5 weeks, you could take testosterone for 8 weeks.

High Blood Pressure

If you’ve got high blood pressure, you’re not necessarily going to know about it through physical side effects; hence how it’s known as ‘the silent killer’.

Some say you know your blood pressure is high on anadrol when you start to get regular headaches. However, it’s better to get a health check from a doctor so you know exactly what’s going on before/throughout your cycle.

As many precautions as possible should be taken when taking powerful drugs like steroids.

Will 25mg of Anadrol Give You Good Gains?

Getting that ripped body you’ve always wanted is a no easy task, hence why some gym rats begin taking bulking steroids like anadrol. To get jacked, you not only need to bust your heiny in the gym, but you may also need to take steroids (if your genetics are weak).

Not many steroids can match anadrol when it comes to gaining lean muscle mass. It’s certainly in the same league as dianabol when it comes to adding size.

Anadrol is quite simply among the most powerful anabolic steroids ever manufactured, and is super effective for increasing your strength too.

Although anadrol’s power is unquestioned, some people need to understand that anadrol isn’t just some magic pill, where you can take it haphazardly and make huge gains. In order to maximize your muscle gains on anadrol you need to do several things right:

  • Your workouts need to be intense
  • Your diet needs to be on point (calorie surplus)
  • Your dosage needs to be spot on

In this article we’re going to discuss this 3rd point, your anadrol dosage. Take too little anadrol and you’ll be scratching your head as to why you’re not making gains. Take too much anadrol and you’ll end up in hospital. In this article we specifically look at the 25mg dose and whether it’s a good dose to use.

Anadrol Dosages

Users can get anadrol in liquid or pill form. The pills usually come in 25mg or 50mg values. The 50mg dosage is more popular among bodybuilders who’re eager to gain as much mass as possible. The 50mg pill also happens to be more readily available than the 25mg one.

Although the 50mg pill is extremely effective and delivers quick results, this doesn’t necessarily mean 50mg is the best dosage. 50mg a day is standard for users who’ve cycled anabolic steroids before.

For the beginner who’s new to bodybuilding and steroids, it’s safer to use the 25mg dosage. If this isn’t possible, more mild compounds should be used, such as testosterone.

Is 25mg of Anadrol a Good Dose?

I can’t say any dose of steroids is a good dose, because they’re damaging to your health. However, if you are going to take anadrol 25mg is a much safer dose than 50 or 100mg.

When it comes to steroids, knowledgeable bodybuilders know it’s important to take it slow and steady. Thus you shouldn’t shock your body with a new toxic compound, but instead introduce it slowly so your body becomes accustomed to it. This is extra important when you’re dealing with powerful anabolics like anadrol.

The 25mg dose achieves this delicate balance perfectly. This is because while it’s a small enough dose not to shock your body, 25mg of anadrol daily is still effective enough to deliver great results when cycled for 4-6 weeks.

Reliable studies have ascertained that taking more than 50mg of anadrol daily will reduce your appetite and cravings. This isn’t ideal for bulking as calories facilitate more muscle growth. Thus more isn’t always better when it comes to your anadrol dose.

The 25mg dosage does NOT negatively influence your appetite of cravings. This means you’ll be able to consume the right amount of protein and calories, needed to simulate new muscle tissue.

Best Dose: 25mg or 50mg?

anadrol effects

Whether you select the 50mg or 25mg depends on what you want to achieve and how fast you want it to happen. If you’re looking to participate in a bodybuilding competition within a few weeks then 50mg may be more preferrable (if you’ve taken steroids before and can handle anadrol’s side effects).

On the other hand, if you wanted to build  a small amount of muscle and achieve a ripped/aesthetic body, it’s advisable to go for a lower dose (25mg), so you can look lean and aesthetic, instead of carrying excess water weight.

Anadrol Cycles

Anadrol-Only Cycle

anadrol only cycle

The above steroid cycle is tailored for someone who wants big gains in mass but hasn’t used Anadrol before. Therefore, the doses are fairly cautious, slowly introducing the body to this toxic compound.

Experienced users who tolerate Anadrol well may choose to cycle Anadrol for 8 weeks, with dosages increasing up to 100mg.

Anadrol and Deca Cycle

deca anadrol cycle

Once someone has cycled Anadrol before and wants to take a more potent stack, but without a lot more side effects; Deca Durabolin is a worthy addition, as it is a mild compound.

Although natural testosterone production will become more suppressed and water retention may increase, the inclusion of deca does not greatly add to the negative effects of Anadrol. Also deca Durabolin’s most famous side effect is deca dick (erectile dysfunction). This is partly caused by it reducing DHT levels, which is crucial for nitric oxide production and blood flow inside the penis. Thus, with Anadrol being a particularly androgenic steroid, this will prevent this and enhance sexual health, compared to taking deca alone.

Sexual function usually declines at around the third week on deca, thus Anadrol is added around this time, due to its androgenic attributes. Deca is a slow-acting steroid, thus is usually cycled for up to 10 weeks, allowing enough time for it to peak in the bloodstream and have an effect.

Anadrol and Test Cycle

anadrol test cycle

Anadrol and testosterone stacked together is a more powerful upgrade from Anadrol and Deca Durabolin.

Blood pressure will increase significantly, water retention will be noticeable and testosterone production will almost certainly be shut down. Liver toxicity also remains a concern with the presence of Anadrol, and gynecomastia is very likely in susceptible users (who do not run a SERM throughout the cycle).

Thus, this stack is only for advanced bodybuilders who have used Anadrol several times before with good success (in regards to managing the side effects). The muscle and strength gains with this stack will be exceptional.

The dosages in the above cycle are relatively conservative. 

Anadrol, Trenbolone and Test Cycle

best steroid cycle for mass

Anadrol, trenbolone and testosterone stacked together are arguably the best steroid cycle for bulking and simultaneously the most dangerous one. The mass gains from this trio of bulking steroids will be tremendous. However, the side effects are also going to be very harsh, even for veteran steroid-users with much experience.

High dosages are listed in this cycle, which is typical for users with more experience. This cycle should be considered highly dangerous. 

See all our cycles.

Injectable vs Oral Anadrol

Bodybuilders administer anadrol via 2 methods: injections or tablets (oral).

However, which method is better?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this, but more of a preference. Here’s the pros and cons to each method so you can get a grasp of which you’re likely to prefer.


Some bodybuilders believe that injectable anadrol will result in more gains as it enters directly into the blood stream and thus bypasses the liver. However anadrol 50 is a c17-alpha alkylated steroid, which means it doesn’t get broken down by the liver and thus a very high percentage of the compound reaches the blood stream (like injectable anadrol).

Therefore, the gains you experience on oral anadrol will be similar to injectable anadrol.

This comes as good news to many bodybuilders due to the convenience of easily popping tablets, as opposed to administering injections regularly.

Liver Damage

As with most supplements or steroids, excessive consumption of tablets will affect the liver. Supplements contain a concentrated amount of toxins that raise liver values.

However, injectable anadrol is just as hepatotoxic as oral anadrol and thus both methods of administration will cause liver strain.

Thus there’s not much point in injecting anadrol as orals do not produce more side effects, and they’re just as effective.

Using liver supplements (such as liver stabil) during your cycle will help reduce the damage to your liver. You should also visit the doctor regularly for a liver check up when using harsh steroids like anadrol.

Ease of Use

As previously mentioned, orals are very quick and easy to take, whereas injections can be problematic and painful.

It’s unnecessary to inject anadrol, as there’s no benefit to doing so.

Basically, Don’t Inject

It’s pretty pointless to inject anadrol 99% of the time.

You won’t make better gains, it’s just as taxing on the liver, and things can go wrong when injecting as opposed to taking orals.

Regardless of how you take anadrol, it’s very important to be aware of the side effects, as this is a very toxic compound. If you have liver problems or high blood pressure it’s advised that you stay away from hepatotoxic AAS like anadrol.

Side Effects of Anadrol

Many people take anadrol for different reasons. Some use this steroid to help them win competitions and make a career out of bodybuilding. Others take it to simply build muscle and attract the opposite sex.

It’s not rocket science, if you’re jacked with six pack abs – women will become more attracted to you. Having a muscular body could be the difference between landing a stunning woman or a 6/10.

Anadrol is regarded as one of, if not the best steroid today, when it comes to building muscle and piling on size. It will also cause huge surges in muscular strength. As a result of its remarkable effects on muscle mass, it’s generally used in the off season.

Anadrol is predominantly taken orally (in tablet form). The typical dosage of Anadrol-50 is 50-100mg per day. However, beginners often start as low as 25mg.

A dose 50mg each day is effective, but higher doses may be required for more experienced users. Anadrol’s effects are generally fast, with users seeing big changes in the first couple of weeks into a cycle.

Certain drugs or medications can negatively interact with Anadrol, thus it’s crucial to inform your doctor if you planning an anadrol-cycle, so they can warn you about any potential complications. In terms of women using anadrol, it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy as it can affect the fetus. And it’s not recommended for a female to take anadrol when breastfeeding either.

Like with any other steroid, anadrol is not free from side effects. In fact, anadrol often produces more severe side effects than other AAS.

Anadrol isn’t to be messed around with. Excessively high doses or too lengthy cycles, can result in users ending up in hospital. It’s always important to know how deep the water is before diving in head first, and thus it’s wise to start on a low dose and increase it slowly over time.

The following are common side effects associated with anadrol.

25 Side Effects of Anadrol 

1. Liver problems. Long term use can lead to serious diseases like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and liver cancer.

2. Change in sex drive. Anadrol is known to interfere with testosterone production, which is the male sex hormone. Testosterone levels will plummet post-cycle causing a lower libido.

3. Problems urinating. If you experience this side effect, book an appointment with your doctor immediately as this is a sign of prostate issues.

4. Change in testicle size (bigger on-cycle, smaller off-cycle).

5. Temporary impotence. This is a side effect of having low testosterone post-cycle.

6. Changes in menstrual cycle. Some women who’ve used Anadrol have reported changes in menstrual cycle and more frequent cramping.

7. Swelling of breasts. This also applies to men AKA gyno. Apart from the swelling, tenderness of the breasts will also be felt when on a cycle.

8. Mood swings. Using anadrol can cause a change in mood, resulting in euphoria or/and depression.

9. Difficulty breathing. This is usually due to elevated blood pressure.

10. Sleepless nights. If you have problems with insomnia, try taking a hot bath to calm your central nervous system.

11. Stomach irritation and diarrhea. Some anadrol-users may never experience this.

12. Hair loss. Anadrol-users will often experience hair loss/thinning to some extent (how much will depend on your genetics).

hair loss anadrol
hair loss (a common anadrol side effect)

13. Hard erections for men. Men can experience super hard erections that can take a while to go down. This is due to an increase in red blood cell production and higher T.

14. Deep voice. Female users can develop deep voices whilst taking anadrol.

15. Allergies. Users can experience itching, peeling of skin, swelling of the face, lips or throat and wheezing whilst taking anadrol. Stop taking the steroid immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

16. Vomiting. Anadrol-users can sometimes throw up due to stomach upsets.

17. Weight gain. In the form of muscle mass and water retention.

18. Chills. Taking anadrol will contract and expand your muscles repeatedly, which sometimes can cause a chilling sensation.

19. Enlarged clitoris. This is another side effect for female users, as they start to have higher testosterone and lower estrogen levels.

20. Acne

21. Loss of appetite

22. Restlessness

23. Swelling. Moreso in the ankle and feet.

24. Body Hair growth (men and women)

25. Lethargy. Especially during your post-cycle blues.

Anadrol Side Effects for Women

In women the side effects are as follows:

  • Breast size reduction
  • Deepening of vocal cords
  • A larger clitoris
  • Increase in body hair
  • Changes in menstrual cycles

Other common side effects for both genders include:

  • Increased water retention (or bloating)
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Acne
  • Liver toxicity

Is Anadrol Dangerous?

anadrol effects

Generally, anadrol poses more side effects than the average steroid, because it’s more powerful and will give you some of the best gains of your life (when it comes to strength and size). Thus serious caution must be used, as reckless use can be very dangerous.

However, it is possible to take anadrol and not experience a serious downturn in health, if you’re in good physical condition and you use it very cautiously. It also depends on how your body responds to anadrol, some users state that they don’t notice much on it (even on 100mg a day), whilst others say it’s too toxic for them (even at 50mg a day).

If anadrol’s side effects put you off, testosterone and deca durabolin are more mild bulking compounds you can use instead.

Typical Anadrol Results

On anadrol, you’ll gain more weight than any other bulking steroid.

This is because anadrol causes a person to gain large amounts of muscle and water. You’ll gain more water on anadrol than other steroids. Some see this as a negative, however this extra fluid retention can help in synthesizing new muscle tissue (the same way creatine does).

It pushes more water inside the muscle cell, increasing strength and endurance. In turn helping you lift more weight in the gym and get more out of your workouts.

From an aesthetic point of view, your muscles will become a lot fuller from such water retention, making you appear bigger on a cycle.

Plus if you look a little smooth or bloated from a-drol, it’s not really a big deal, as many people take it in the offseason.

Aka the time where people are trying to pack on as much mass as possible (whilst wearing clothes)…instead of trying to look like Zac Efron on the beach in a semi-naked Baywatch scene.

So you know that by taking anadrol you’re going to gain a huge amount of strength and muscle; but how much will you gain exactly?

From a 4 week cycle, you’re probably looking at 30lbs of weight gain.

From an 8 week cycle, you’re more likely to add 45lbs.

Again, these are just rough estimates based on other people’s experiences and yours might fluctuate slightly from this.

In terms of strength, get ready to smash some insane PR’s. Anadrol is arguably the best steroid on the planet when it comes to strength, so people will probably start looking at you like you’re Ronnie Coleman when they see how many plates you’ve just put on the squat rack…

“Aint nothing but a peanut!”

Generally the longer you run an anadrol cycle, the better gains you’ll experience. Equally, the longer you’re on a-drol the more you’ll be at risk from experiencing side effects, such as:

  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Bloating
  • Liver damage

Some of these symptoms are enough to put some people off anadrol. Whereas others believe anadrol’s side effects are over-exaggerated and have positive experiences when taking the steroid.

Moral of the story: everyone is different.

If you don’t want to chance experiencing any nasty side effects; you can try a milder steroid like testosterone or oral dianabol.

Anadrol Results: Before and After Pictures

A couple of famous bodybuilders who (look like they) have taken anadrol include: Phil Heath and Jay Cutler.

These guys have huge, smooth and sometimes bloated physiques.

Despite this temporary bloat, steroids like anadrol are one of the reasons why legendary bodybuilders are able to pack on such huge mass; helping them become Mr Olympia greats.

How to Maximize Anadrol Gains

As previously mentioned, if you personally tolerate anadrol well, you can increase the length of your cycle up to 8 weeks.

I wouldn’t run anadrol for any longer than this though, as additional gains will be minimal past this point and the potential for side effects will increase greatly.

Another way you can build more muscle whilst using anadrol, is to stack it with other bulking steroids.

Here’s some compounds that work well with anadrol:

  • Testosterone sustanon
  • Dianabol
  • Deca Durabolin

Testosterone works well with pretty much any steroid. With a-drol it’ll help you add even more mass, whilst keeping water retention at bay (as test is known for increasing muscle hardness).

Dianabol and anadrol in the same cycle will be ridiculous for muscle gains. You’ll also gain some water retention, but this is only temporary and will diminish post-cycle.

Deca durabolin is a very underrated steroid that will complement anadrol’s effects by helping you add even more muscle. Deca and anadrol taken together will make your muscles look ridiculously full – without causing much water retention or bloating.

Trenbolone can be used with anadrol, which will yield incredible gains; but this should only be considered by very experienced bodybuilders. Aka those have done a lot of cycles and know how their body responds to harsh compounds. Taking tren or/and anadrol as a beginner thus isn’t recommended.

Anadrol Review: Summary

Anadrol poses the same side effects as other steroids; but they’re just more intense. This is why dianabol is usually the preferred option, as it’s not as toxic as anadrol and can almost match its gains.

However, the people who do decide to take anadrol will experience muscle mass and strength gains that no other steroid can match.

…Especially if they stack it with other bulking compounds like dianabol, testosterone and trenbolone.

However, beginners should stay away from anadrol and opt for other AAS like testosterone first, so their body can build up a tolerance to anabolics.

I hope you’ve learned something new from reading my anadrol review and have a good understanding of the pros and cons this steroid can bring to the table.

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Anadrol Results








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