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Yuan Herong, Chinese Bodybuilding Doctor Is On The Frontline Fighting Coronavirus!

Yuan Herong is one of the popular female bodybuilders going around at the moment.

She is not only an exceptional female bodybuilder but also a doctor.

The whole world is familiar with the coronavirus outbreak in the entire world and particularly in China.

Who Is Yuan Herong?

Yuan Herong bodybuilding

Yuan Herong is a Chinese national, and she is contributing to the fight against coronavirus, treating those infected with the coronavirus.

Yuan Herong is very popular in China for more than one reason.

She has a massive size and beautiful physique being a bodybuilder and also famous for her cute looks.

Overall, she is an accomplished young lady.

Being a Chinese national, she is currently in the center of the coronavirus outbreak.

She is fulfilling her duties to treat patients infected with the coronavirus.

Recently, she took to Instagram to update her fans regarding what she is doing right now.

She posted about the situation of coronavirus and also told the fans how she is helping in this fight.

Coronavirus is the latest disease, and its origin is China. It has rapidly spread throughout China and also infecting the United States.

She posted on Instagram and wrote that being a doctor, she has to be on the front line, treating patients infected with the virus.

She is also determined to help the patients and successfully defeating the virus.

171 cases of new pneumonia were cured and 15238 suspected cases were found. The healers are all treated through traditional Chinese medicine and other symptomatic treatment. We will try our best to do a good job in prevention and treatment?

For the next bodybuilding competition, I can’t eat in the canteen of the hospital because the fat in it is too high for the athletes. The hospital card didn’t spend the money last year. I can only eat the lettuce without oil, fruits , chicken breast and eggs

Experts predict that there will be a turning point of coronavirus pneumonia around the Lantern Festival, and the number of people infected will be reduced, but the virus will mutate, so we can’t be careless

She said that currently, doctors are getting cases of suspected coronavirus and treating the patients with traditional Chinese medicine and symptomatic treatment.

She reckons that they’ll be able to defeat the disease soon and get people out of this difficult situation.

Yuan herong told the people through her Instagram post that scientists are trying to find the cure, and they have predicted that coronavirus will slow down in a few days.

She also described that we’ll still need to be cautious because the virus will mutate.

Yuan Herong is a true professional in every sense and working hard to fulfill her duty.

She is on the front lines with her colleagues to fight against the disease.

The doctors are trying hard to stop the virus and treating the patients infected with the virus.

Yuan Herong is such an exceptional bodybuilder that one could easily forget that she is also a doctor.

Her Instagram profile is stuffed with her beautiful pictures showing her physique.

Being a doctor by profession, she has feelings for her patients, and she knows her duties and responsibilities very well.

The whole bodybuilding community is appreciating her effort and contributions in work against coronavirus.

Many fellow bodybuilders acknowledged her contributions through different channels, and we also expect her to perform well in her duties.

Being fitness enthusiasts, we wish her all the best to find the cure against the disease.

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