Is Sergi Constance Natural or on Steroids?

Sergi Constance is a 27 year old Spanish fitness model who’s appeared on the front cover of several fitness magazines including: Muscle & Fitness and Iron Man.

Sergi’s also the founder of gym clothing brand Aesthetix Era and is sponsored by supplement company 1 Up Nutrition.

Sergi Constance’s stats (1):

Height: 6 ft 1

Weight: 207lbs (94kg)

Body fat: 5%

Sergi hasn’t directly spoken about steroids, but he has said this:

I have been able to achieve the body I have today thanks to years of consistent dieting and training.”

This insinuates that he’s natty.

Millions of men all over the world idolize this bearded beast, but has he juiced his way to stardom?

Lets find out!

Sergi’s 6 Year Transformation

sergi constance transformation

After hours of research the only ‘young’ picture of Sergi on the internet I could find is the one above (in 2010).

This is frustrating because looking at how fast somebody’s gained muscle is crucial in determining whether they’re natural or not.

For example, if somebody stays the same size for ages and then suddenly doubles in size, you know something fishy’s going on.

Many of Sergi’s fans asked him to post a transformation picture, so they could see what he looked like before he got jacked. This led to him posting the before/after (above).

He got quite a lot of criticism after uploading this ‘transformation pic’, with people saying he doesn’t look much different.

I can’t help but agree.

He hasn’t built any muscle, he’s simply gone from 8% body fat to 5%.

Oh and he’s got a darker tan.

And he’s slapped some oil on.

Despite Sergi’s modest progress, this picture demonstrates how awesome you can look if you get to 5% body fat or lower.

Ryan Terry had a similar transformation, going from lean to shredded.

Did Sergi Use Steroids Before 2010?

We don’t know if Sergi used steroids before 2010 to gain his mass, due to a lack of photo evidence.

But we do know that his body looks very natural in this before picture.

This kind of mass Sergi had 6 years ago is possible to achieve naturally if you have awesome genetics.

Another reason why I don’t believe Sergi’s taken steroids is because many guys who do blow up in size are keen to show off their progress on social media.

The fact Sergi hasn’t got a better transformation photo suggests he’s been this muscular for a long time i.e ever since he started lifting weights.

Natty’s who get jacked like Sergi respond amazingly when they first start lifting weights, but fail to grow any more after this initial growth spurt.

Interestingly, a photoshopped version of Sergi’s transformation picture has been flying around the internet (mainly on Youtube). The definition in his abs in the 2010 picture has been blurred out, making him look smooth/average.

This obviously was done to make his transformation look more impressive.

More Vascular

The only other thing that stands out in Sergi Constance’s transformation picture is that he’s got more vascular in 6 years.

Enhanced vascularity is a sign of steroid-use (as seen in Von Moger, Josef Rakich and Kali Muscle).

However, your veins can also become more prominent when your body fat % decreases.

erny veinsI can actually relate to Sergi on this one, as my veins only ever start to come out when I get to 6% body fat (or less).

My body fat is usually around 8% and because of my genetics, I’m not vascular at all. By this I mean that I naturally have thick skin.

I’m the guy who gets really excited if a vein pops out to say hello.

When this happens I might take 15 pictures of it and then get sad when it decides to become invisible again.

When you’re this lean a 2% decrease in body fat is sometimes all it takes for worms to start wriggling in and out of your muscles.

Sergi Constance’s Shoulders – Tren?

Sergi has exceptional shoulders that really pop out from his arms.

They’re not quite boulders like Phil Heath or Jaco De Bruyn’s delts, but nonetheless Sergi has some awesome shoulders.

BIG blocky shoulders can indicate steroid-use, due to the deltoids having more androgen receptors compared to other muscles (excluding traps).

When guys take anabolic steroids which are extremely androgenic, such as trenbolone, their delts/traps will literally blow up.

However, Sergi’s traps appear relatively small in comparison to the rest of his body, indicating that the size of his shoulders are the byproduct of training/genetics, rather than steroids.

Otherwise his traps would be equally as developed as his delts.

Competition History

Sergi has competed in the WBFF muscle model category (alongside Jamie Alderton),

He’s also taken part in NPC and IFBB events.

Unfortunately none of these federations perform strict drug tests on their competitors.

So from Sergi’s competitive history we have no evidence to suggest he’s natty or taking steroids.


This verdict is much the case of innocent until proven guilty (as we don’t have a great deal of evidence to go off).

sergi constance

Also this conclusion is based on Sergi’s physical appearance and what he looked like in 2010.

He has no symptoms of steroid use such as:

  • Flushed skin
  • Gynecomastia (breast tissue)
  • Bloating
  • Acne
  • Inflated traps
  • Hair loss

Plus he doesn’t have that artificial dry look to his muscles, caused by winstrol/anavar/tren.

Sergi is a BIG boy, but his size IS attainable naturally with exceptional genetics.



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