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Ryan Terry: Steroids Or Natural?

Lately, the world of bodybuilding has seen an influx of young blood making waves on stage.

And we think that’s great.

In the past, it was the super heavyweights of the IFBB that ruled the roost.

Whereas now, more and more people are showing an avid interest in the “lower-tier” divisions.

Divisions such as ‘men’s physique’ and ‘classic physique’ are now eagerly anticipated.

And when you hear the list of some of the bodybuilders on stage competing for glory.

It’s easy to understand the rationale behind this.

Today we’ll be looking at Ryan Terry.

As we answer the question of is Ryan Terry on steroids or is he natural?

You see, it seems as if every jacked guy in the world constantly finds himself under scrutiny for potential steroid use.

While many of these guys do indeed use steroids – some by their own admission, there are also plenty of big, ripped, and natural bodybuilders out there.

Steroid use is rife in the world of bodybuilding.

But accusing every big and jacked dude of being on gear is unfair.

Ryan Terry often finds himself being accused of using steroids.

But are these accusations justified?

Here we’ll be attempting to answer the question of being Ryan Terry natural or not.

Who Is Ryan Terry?

Ryan Terry is one of the most famous male fitness models currently in the world today.

Hailing from Great Britain.

He is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and a former Mr. Britain.

He has graced the stage of the Mr. Olympia numerous times and has gone against names such as Jeff Seid, Sergi Constance.

And his arch-rival.

On stage at least, Jeremy Buendia.

Over the years he has competed in numerous bodybuilding contests and has won countless awards.

Not only that, but he has been sponsored by numerous supplements and gym wear companies like Steven Cao.

And has appeared in more fitness magazines and publications than most people could ever imagine.

He is a big and muscular dude.

Though on paper he looks average at best.

He stands at 5ft 10 inches in height, and when he competes.

He weighs between 185lbs and 190 lbs.

In the off-season when he is bulking he occasionally gets up to 205 pounds.

Compare this to the fact that pro bodybuilders.

When they have dieted down to extreme lengths, they often compete at 260 – 270 pounds.

And weigh 300 plus pounds in the off-season.

And Ryan Terry doesn’t sound like a big guy.

If you see him in person, however, you’d swear he was at least 20 pounds heavier as he looks awesome.

In the Men’s Physique division, as of this writing.

His best placing was 2nd on the Olympia stage.

Where he narrowly missed out on first to Jeremy Buendia.

He typically walks around at 5% – 7% body fat.

Even when bulking, so he is ALWAYS in shape.

This is one of the main reasons why we are addressing the question of is Ryan Terry natty or on steroids.

Ryan Terry on steroids or is he natural

Early Life

Growing up in Britain.

Ryan Terry was always an athletic kid.

He loved PE at school and took an interest in gymnastics and swimming.

He was always interested in staying in shape and would often read fitness magazines for tips and tricks on getting in shape and soon he started hitting the gym.

He was always a gifted athlete and clearly.

He had great genes as he was in shape even before he started lifting.

Once he started lifting, however, now in his teens.

He started to build lean muscle and burn fat.

So impressed were his friends that they actually entered him into the Mr. Great Britain contest.

Now with something to aim for.

Ryan really hit the gym hard and nailed his diet.

Months passed by and Ryan won the contest.

Winning his very first show on his debut!

He shortly won the Mr. International contest afterward and now people really knew who he was.

Now the offers for photo shoots and magazine covers came thick and fast.

Not only that, but so too did the offers for fitness modeling and athletic wear.

He made good money here and raised his profile.

He entered numerous other contests and soon won his IFBB pro card.

Now he was committed to bodybuilding and set his sights on the Men’s Physique division at the Olympia.

He took time away from fitness modeling and upped his calories and his training in order to add muscle mass to his frame while staying as lean as possible.

Shortly after this, he has signed a multi-year deal with supplement company USN.

Which he credits as helping get him where he is today.

He bulked up by creating his very own bulking program.

Which he called the ‘Terry Bulk’.

This program allowed him to add significant amounts of mass to his frame over several months while staying fairly lean.

When it came time to diet down for the Olympia.

He created the ‘Terry Shred’ plan.

Which was designed to cut body fat slowly while maintaining lean mass, strength, and energy!

This program, he named the ‘road to the Olympia plan’ and he was able to achieve his absolute best condition ever and qualified for the Olympia.

His dream of competing on stage in Vegas at the Olympia was now a reality.

He placed 4th in his debut, which was amazing.

The following year he came 2nd and still continues to dominate the stage.

Because his physique improved so much, however, this did lead to people questioning whether is Ryan Terry on steroids or is he natural?

So, is Ryan Terry juicing or is he natty?

Ryan Terry looks awesome.

He is very muscular and is ripped to shreds.

He looks better than most men, bodybuilders included, can only dream of looking.

But, were his gains due to hard work, training, and diet.

Or were they due to a little help from certain anabolic synthetic hormones?

Let’s try to find out.

Remember, this is pure speculation as we don’t know for certain whether Ryan is natty or not.

Here’s a look at a few pieces of evidence both for.

And against, potential steroid use on Ryan’s part:


When Ryan followed his innovative road to the Olympia plan.

His body underwent some very impressive changes.

He bulked up and dieted down for a year straight.

And it was clear that he added some mass to his frame.

A lot of people jumped on his before and after pic and used this as a basis for crying steroids.

But actually, they were probably wrong to do so.

You see, in the before and after pic.

Ryan is clearly bigger and has clearly added size to his frame.

However, he is also standing close to the camera in the after pic.

And the lighting is marginally better.

He basically out-angled himself.

Not only that, but the after pic is also taken in the gym.

After a training session, where he is clearly very pumped up.

He looks to have added around 5 – 6 pounds of mass.

Which many believe can be done naturally.

He is clearly bigger, but just not as big as the angle of the pic makes him look.

Remember, it’s all about angles and lighting when it comes to snapping the ultimate gym selfie.

So, though he clearly bulked up and added size to his frame.

It turns out that his transformation wasn’t as dramatic as the camera would have you believe.

Ryan Terry on steroids or is he natural

He Has Been Tested

When he competed in the UKBFF.

Ryan will have been drug tested.

So, surely this proves that he was at least natural when he competed in the UKBFF right?

Well, not really.

You see, the UKBFF does conduct drug tests.

The problem is that their testing policy is not random.

Tests are only conducted after a show.

This means that bodybuilders know when they are being tested.

So they can, in theory, plan their steroid cycles.

So that the steroids are out of their systems by the time the day of the test comes around.

This means that they maintain the muscle size and definition they were able to gain on cycle.

With the added bonus of no steroids being in their systems when they are tested.

Random drug tests are conducted at any time.

So it’s impossible to plan a steroid cycle if you are being tested randomly because you just don’t know when you will be tested, and how many times you will be tested.

So, even though Ryan has been tested, and has passed, drug tests when competing in the past.

This doesn’t 100% prove that he is natural and that he was natural in the run-up to the show.

It also doesn’t prove he used steroids, either of course, so it’s kind of a moot point.

His transformation isn’t shocking

With some bodybuilders out there, there are pictures of them in their teens, twenties, thirties, and even forties, looking in good shape.

But nothing amazing.

Then, a few months later.

They suddenly start hitting the gym harder than ever and balloon up in size.

Adding more size to their bodies than ever.

They virtually double in size and it is obvious to anybody with half a brain that they used steroids to get to this size so quickly.

It isn’t as if they get a little bigger each year.

They literally double in size in the space of a few months.

Now, with Ryan, if you look at pics of him when he was younger.

You’ll see that he was always in great shape.

He was fairly muscular as a teen and was ripped and defined.

When he started training harder and eating right.

He clearly improved his physique.

The changes are his body went through, however, came gradually, and even then.

He didn’t suddenly expand into a person more than twice his original size.

So, unless he was on gear at a young age.

The size he has achieved could definitely be attained naturally over the course of several years.

No signs of steroid use

Some tell-tale signs of steroid use include the following:

  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia
  • Flushed skin
  • Distended stomach from HGH abuse
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Oily skin
  • Bad skin
  • Changing of the facial structure
  • Aging
  • Boulder shoulders

Ryan Terry has virtually none of these symptoms at all.

His delts look great, but that’s about it.

So, is Ryan Terry On Steroids Or Is He natural?

Based on the evidence we’ve looked at above.

And our knowledge of anabolic steroids.

We believe that Ryan Terry is in fact natty.

Yes, he is jacked and ripped to shreds.

But he works hard in the gym and always eats right.

What’s more, he isn’t overly big and jacked.

Especially compared with other bodybuilders out there.

So, we believe that he is a natural.

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