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Pham Vu (Woodbridge): Steroids or Natural?

Updated August 14, 2020
pham vu

Pham Vu is also known as Pham Woodbridge, due to an error made in an online interview on a popular bodybuilding website a few years back. Woodbridge was actually the name of the city he was living in at the time and is not his real surname.

Now we’ve cleared that up – who is Pham Vu?

Pham was born and bred in the USA and resembles a smaller version of the Japanese IFBB pro – Hidetada Yamagish

He gained a lot of publicity when featured him as their Bodyspace member of the month, with people particularly ‘mirin his ab and trap development. Then he attracted even more eyeballs after his interview with Simply Shredded.

If you want to get as jacked as Pham naturally; it IS possible…but it would require phenomenal genetics.

So has Pham used steroids to get yoked or has he simply won the genetic lottery?

…and worked his butt off, of course.

Pham Vu’s stats:

Age: 33 (as of 2017)
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 150 lbs

The first thing that stands out here is his weight, with 155lbs being very light. So it would seem like this amount of fat-free mass is very possible to attain without drugs, but this stat is deceptive as Pham’s only 5 ft 5. So, this is actually pretty heavy when the dudes only 7% body fat.

Body Composition

Pham’s physique doesn’t immediately jump out as juicy, which is why some people think he could be natural. He’s not bloated, he doesn’t have a HGH gut, there’s no gyno…but he does have cobra traps.

Traps are more susceptible to growth on a steroid cycle, due to them having more androgen receptors than other muscle groups. Thus when testosterone levels rise – they blow up.

However, it’s very possible to have huge traps and not be on steroids; so is there any further evidence to suggest Pham Vu’s been juicing?

Gains Timeline

If you’ve read any of my other posts on, you’ll know that a person’s ‘gains timeline’ can often give a steroid-user away.

So, lets see if Pham Vu’s gains timeline is dubious or not…

1999 – 2003

pham vu before after
In the before picture Pham’s 15 years old and in the after he’s 19.

Pham Vu said he bumped into an old high school friend in 2001, making him 17 at the time, and he was shocked at how swole he was. He said he was immediately inspired by his transformation, going from scrawny to buff, and wanted to do the same.

Thus, in the before picture he wouldn’t have been lifting weights. In the after photo we can see that he’s finished puberty and has gained a good amount of size from the first 2 years of lifting.

This all seems pretty legit and natty so far.


pham vu before after 1

From 2003 to 2010, Pham has gained what looks to be another 30lbs of muscle; with his traps, delts, chest and arms exploding into life.

He’s gone from looking in decent shape/quite muscular to…a…real…life…Goku.

He’s built a lot of muscle and burned a significant amount of fat during these 7 years, with his traps and delts literally popping out.

Guys who are natural look pretty awesome even before they start lifting weights; then they gain approximately 20lbs from their newbie gains – and then struggle to gain anymore size afterwards.

But in Pham’s case, he’s experienced awesome newbie gains, but has also added another 30lbs in lean muscle after this point. These are typical gains of a steroid-user, as natty guys inevitably plateau after the newbie gains phase is over.

Some might argue:

“Well he’s only gained 30lbs of muscle over a 7 year period. That’s just over 4lbs of muscle per year”.

But, to even gain this amount of muscle on a yearly basis is unrealistic (and far-fetched) if you’re an experienced lifter.

…unless you’ve cracked the code and have invented a new, revolutionary way to build muscle.

Your muscle building potential drastically reduces after your first year of lifting, making it very difficult to keep on growing. When you combine this with a dude who stays shredded all year round, instead of constantly bulking up and gaining fat – his muscle-building potential is even less.

Also if we compare what Pham looked like in 1999 as a 15 year old, in contrast to what he looks like in the 2010 photo, he’s gained a HUGE amount of mass. Natty’s who are genetically gifted, as we saw with Mike O’Hearn and Mike Thurston; look like absolute beasts as boys going through puberty.

But Pham didn’t exactly look like a monster at 15 years old.

A boy going through puberty, who later goes on to lifts weights will gain 30lbs of muscle (maximum).

Pham looks like he’s gained about 60lbs of pure muscle since he was 15.

This extraordinary amount of mass just doesn’t add up if he’s natty.

However, 20lbs for newbie gains and another 40lbs for steroid gains…now this 60lbs starts to make sense. It’s also a bit of a coincidence that Pham’s traps and shoulders have got JACKED, which is what happens when you take compounds that send your testosterone levels flying through the roof.

Is Pham Vu (Woodbridge) on Steroids?

From looking at Pham’s gains timeline, it appears that he could’ve taken steroids to build the body he has today.

So, if he has taken steroids – which ones is he likely to have taken?

Pham’s body is fairly natural-looking and isn’t overly dry or bloated, so it makes sense that he could’ve taken testosterone.

Test will give a user huge muscle gains and a decent amount of fat loss. It’ll also increase muscle hardness and keep your muscle bellies looking very full.

However, testosterone won’t automatically get you shredded like Pham; so credit goes to him for nailing his diet consistently for over a decade and sculpting a world-class set of abs…that even Frank Zane would be proud of.

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