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Mike Rashid: Steroids or Natural?

Mike Rashid used to be a professional boxer, but in recent years he’s become a bodybuilding celebrity, mainly due to the fact he’s JACKED. Mike’s the founder of bodybuilding gym, Iron Addicts, based in Florida. He’s also launched his own successful clothing/supplement line and happens to be BFFL’s with none other than CT Fletcher.

For those that aren’t familiar with Mike, he basically looks like a swole Ray-J.

Many believe Mike’s the epitome of how much muscle the human body is capable of building naturally (if that person’s a genetic freak). Some believe he’s a one in a million, sitting right at the top of the gene pool when it comes to building muscle.

…Others believe he’s a fraud and has taken steroids to get to where he is today.

Mike’s got plenty of (jealous) haters calling him out…in the meanwhile he’s accumulated over 1.6 million fans on Facebook, proving that any advertising is good advertising.

So, is Mike taking steroids or is he just a gifted black guy with world-class genetics?

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Does Mike Claim to be Natty?

After digging around online, although many people have labeled Mike a ‘fake natty’, I’ve found no sources stating Mike ever saying he’s drug-free.

He’s spoken in videos saying how he doesn’t want his name linked with illegal drugs like steroids, but he’s never flat out said “I’ve never taken steroids”. This is a bit suspect, because if I was receiving a lot of hate online for ‘lying’ or being a ‘fake natty’, I’d address the topic directly and set the record straight that I’ve never taken steroids…if I was natural.

Mike, so far hasn’t done this, but instead has deflected such accusations saying things like “People should mind their own business”.

So the fact that Mike is unable to say he’s 100% natty could be a strong sign that he’s juicing. Equally though, because he hasn’t come out and denied taking steroids, he’s not a liar…or a fake natty.

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Steroids Bust in Mike Rashid’s Gym

In Februrary 2017, Richard Rodriguez, the co-owner of Mike’s gym (Iron Addicts), was arrested for selling $10 million worth of illegal steroids.

After this news broke out, trolls came out in their numbers, slandering Mike saying that he’s a steroid-dealer and that his gym was participating in illegal activities. However this is false.

The DEA confirmed that no drugs were ever sold or purchased at Iron Addicts gym (1). Instead, Richard Rodriguez was importing steroids from China, manufacturing them in a lab based in Arizona and sending them off from a Miami address.

Mike claims that although he got a bad vibe, he didn’t know Richard was selling illegal drugs, and states he wouldn’t have gone into business with him if he’d known this previously. You can listen to Mike’s take on it all (below).

Body Composition

When you look at Mike, his body doesn’t look natural. Instead he’s got typical traits of a steroid-user.

He’s got boulder shoulders, his traps are jacked and he’s got a HGH gut.

mike rashid hgh gut

It’s possible for a natural bodybuilder to have strong shoulders or big traps due to genetics or training those muscle groups harder than others.

But a natty won’t have a protruding stomach (HGH gut) – they’ll have a tight and narrow waist. Mike’s gut however can be seen in several of his photos when he’s relaxed.

Mike Rashid Transformation

mike rashid transformation

Some people point to Mike’s transformation (above) when he got ripped and say this is evidence he’s on steroids.

Looking at this transformation, although he may have taken steroids, it’s certainly possible to make these gains drug-free.

All Mike’s done is drop approximately 8% body fat and retain his muscle mass. This is perfectly attainable for a natty to do if he knows how to do a sensible cut. However, we can’t say that Mike was 100% natural during this transformation, because steroids can aid in shredding body fat and increasing vascularity.

Competition History

Mike’s said that he doesn’t want to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions because he doesn’t want to be “a big fish in a small pond”. He also claimed that it’s easy to win natural bodybuilding competition’s because the athletes aren’t in that good shape.

You can hear him making these comments in the video below.

I’m not sure which federations Mike’s referring to here, but there’s plenty of awesome natural bodybuilders who compete in genuine natty federations such as the BNBF, INBA and NANBF.

These organisations conduct the strictest and most rigorous tests to catch all steroid-users. I think it’d be naive to think someone who was natural would wipe the floor with these guys.

However, if you ARE juicing this certainly would be a motive to stay away from such federations.

Mike has competed in the WBFF, however there’s no drug testing policies found on their website.


Based on the evidence it seems like Mike Rashid could have taken HGH (and possibly steroids).

The best way to see if someone’s taking steroids is by their gains timeline. You compile several pictures of how their body’s changed since they were young and you look for growth spurts. However, we can’t find any pictures of Mike online where’s he’s young/going through puberty/in his teen years.


However, we’ve seen enough visual evidence (steroid symptoms) by looking at his body to suggest he’s taken human growth hormone, at the very least.

This is because he appears to have a HGH gut which natural bodybuilders simply won’t have. This occurs due to HGH enlarging a person’s intestines, causing his belly to look excessively bloated when he doesn’t suck it in. Mr Olympia guys like Phil Heath also have this.

However, because we don’t know if Mike blew up and gained 50lbs of muscle since his teen years, we can’t conclusively say if he’s taken any steroids or not (alongside HGH).

Despite Mike most-likely taking HGH, he still trains incredibly hard and if keyboard warriors spent as much time killing it in the gym like Mike, instead of trolling him on social media, they’d probably look like an alpha male (instead of a beta).

It’s important to point out that Mike’s come out saying he’s not ‘for’ steroids, plus he hasn’t lied about being natural – so he’s got my respect.



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