Matt Ogus: Steroids or Natural?

Matt Ogus is an american bodybuilder whose popularity has spiked considerably since 2011, when he started uploading some of his workouts onto YouTube. His extremely dry and ripped physique has helped him accumulate over half a million followers on Instagram since.

Basically if Matt had spiky long blonde hair, he’d be a real-life Goku.

And he’s got the wheels to match.

…His legs are so jacked even Tom Platz is ‘mirin.

As a result of getting shredded, Matt’s now a GymShark sponsored athlete – teaming up alongside Steve Cook.

Before analyzing whether Matt’s juicing or not, lets take a look at his stats:

  • Height – 5 ft 5
  • Weight – 185lbs
  • Age – 26

legal steroids

Does Matt Claim Natural?

Nowhere on any of his social media profiles does he put in the description that he’s natural or drug-free. Personally if I looked THAT good and had such a large following – I’d make it abundantly clear to everyone that I was natty (if it were true).

To my knowledge Matt has never come out and addressed the topic directly, saying “I’ve never taken steroids”.

And because he’s very down to earth and even responds to fans, one could interpret this as dodging the question.

Instead he chooses to sort of speak in code. For example, on April 1st 2016 he put up an Instagram post saying “I take steroids” – however he later revealed this was an April fools joke (1).

…But was he really joking? Lets have a look at the evidence.

Evidence Matt Ogus IS Taking Steroids…

Extremely Dry

I’ve analysed a lot of shredded guys on Are They On Steroids before who are ripped all year round (such as Rob Riches and Ryan Terry).

However, Matt Ogus takes getting shredded to a whole new level. And this isn’t because he’s necessarily much leaner than Rob or Ryan – but because he’s insanely dry.

Aka there’s less water collecting underneath the surface of Matt’s skin, so he appears more ripped.

Achieving this level of dryness is perfectly attainable for a natty i.e. when prepping for a show or event. However, if you’re looking dryer than the Sahara desert 365 days a year without manipulating your water – questions are going to be asked.

Gains Timeline

From looking at Matt’s instagram we can see what he looked like as a newbie (after completing a few workouts) vs what he looked like several years later.

Here’s a transformation of his early years:

matt ogus steroid transformation

We know that natural bodybuilders who are jacked experience virtually all of their muscle gains during the ‘newbie phase’ aka when they first start lifting weights.

We all gain a similar amount of muscle during the newbie phase, however guys who are genetically gifted already look muscular before stepping foot in a gym – like we saw in Chris Hemsworth’s case. This is because high testosterone levels have the ability to build muscle without exercise.

So when these guys get rapid newbie gains on top of this mass – they blow up bigger than the Michelin Man.

The amount of muscle you’ll build from newbie gains is approximately 20lbs; so if someone’s gained significantly more than this – it’s not newbie gains. 

In this transformation picture of Matt he looks to have gained 50+lbs of muscle, which coincides with the amount of muscle you’ll build from taking steroids (2).

Steroid Jaw

Not only do steroids have the ability to alter the size of your muscles, but also your facial structure.

Widening of the jaw is one of these physical side effects that can take place. And if you’re a follower of Matt you’ll know he has an extremely prominent jawline, creating a cube-like shape to his face (which juicers are well-known for). This isn’t conclusive evidence that Matt is definitely taking steroids, because people can have this type of shape to their face without taking anabolics.

However, this is another link or association that is present.

“Half Natty”

Matt has launched his own clothing company called – Half Natty.

This could imply that he’s taken steroids in the past, but now is natural.

It actually says in the description on one of the product pages:

“Settling for Average is but Natural. Striving for Mastery is Half Natty.”

Some people may read this and think it means – in order to be a star (in the bodybuilding world) you might need to take steroids.

Nonetheless if the official name of your business implies that you’re not 100% natural, this is a pretty sure sign that you’ve taken steroids at some point in your life. Because otherwise you’d find it offensive for someone to label you anything other than 100% natural.

Named His Dog After His Favourite Steroid?

I might have published this post on April fools day, but this one’s not a joke!

His dog is called Tren Ogus (3)…as in trenbolone…as in eat clen TREN hard.

If you were natural you wouldn’t even think to name a pet after any steroid…why would you?

However, if I did take steroids and one compound in particular was responsible for getting me jacked and had the whole world ‘mirin my body – I might just name my dog after it.

5 Year Natural Transformation Video

Matt uploaded a video on YouTube showing his 5 year natural transformation.

In the video (below) you can see that he’s barely made any gains.

…welcome to natural bodybuilding.

However, this video insinuates that he has taken steroids in the past because by the time he uploaded the video Matt had been bodybuilding for around 10 years. So if he’d been natural the whole time he’d surely upload a much better transformation video of him going from skinny to SWOLE (instead of broadcasting such small gains).

This also explains the half natty name, as it could tell us that Matt has taken steroids in the past but now he’s natural.


Based on the evidence it seems like Matt Ogus is taking steroids. 

Whether Matt Ogus is natural NOW is up for debate, as he might’ve taken steroids for several years and then stopped.

In my opinion though you can’t be ‘natty’ if you’ve ever taken steroids, because studies show steroid gains to be somewhat permanent due to a fixed increase in nuclei in the muscles (4). Thus steroid gains can be restored and maintained through the process of muscle memory.

The most crucial factor for this verdict is Matt’s gains timeline which shows him putting on incredible amounts of muscle that is clearly beyond any natural’s potential for newbie gains.

Despite this, I’ve not seen Matt directly lie about being on steroids; and he encourages natural bodybuilding which are two massively positive things. So respect to him.

Potential Steroids Taken:


I don’t see it as a coincidence that he (might’ve) named his dog after trenbolone, as this compound would explain several features of Matt’s physique including his:

  • 3D shoulders
  • Multiple striations
  • Dryness
  • ‘Steroid’ jaw

Taking several cycles of trenbolone can easily result in 30-50lbs of muscle gain, especially when combined with a truck load of calories.

I think Matt could’ve also used testosterone in the past to help him gain even more muscle size, because he is humungus now compared to what he looked like at 15 years old.

So I’m guessing all of this mass wasn’t just the work of trenbolone.






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