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Lazar Angelov: Steroids or Natural?

Lazar Angelov is a 32 year old Bulgarian bodybuilder and online personal trainer, who’s internet famous for his washboard abs and natural-looking physique.

You might also recognize Lazar as that moody bearded fellow who crops up on your social media newsfeed from time to time looking a tad grumpy…despite having one of the best bodies in the world and clearly living the dream.


Lazar Angelov has a whopping 12.8 million fans on his Facebook page.

Lazar Angelov Stats:

  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 88kg
  • Esimated body fat: 5%

Lazar Angelov has been able to inspire so many people, mainly because nattys see his body as ‘the perfect physique that IS attainable‘…with hard work and smart dieting of course.

However, just because somebody looks natural, doesn’t mean they are.

Lets have a look at the evidence:

No Steroid Symptoms

Lazar Angelov doesn’t have any bloating, acne, gyno or flushing to the skin.

Steroid-users are notorious for having 3D delts…and traps that pop out more than Jack Nicholson does in the Shining.

But Lazar doesn’t have any of these either.

Somebody juicing usually has a few steroid-symptoms that you can see visually from pictures.

However if they don’t, it doesn’t mean they are definitely natural.

Lazar Angelov has never competed in any well-known bodybuilding competitions, so we can’t have a look to see if he’s passed/failed any drug tests either.

So, is Lazar really natty or is he just taking gear with minimal side effects?

Lazar’s Gains Timeline

This is by far the best indicator as to whether a person’s juicing or not.

We can see Lazar Angelov’s 10 year transformation below:

lazar angelov transformation

Lazar started lifting weights from the age of “10 or 12” (2).

So with a date of birth of 1984, the ‘before’ picture of him (in the picture) would make him 19 years old.

Thus by this point he would’ve had 7-9 years of weight training under his belt.

Nattys will know that by this point, there’s very little potential to get bigger as most gains, in terms of muscle size, are experienced in the first few years of training as a newbie.

However, after this Lazar Angelov got SWOLE.

He’s literally gone from:

“Do you even lift bro?!”


“Don’t mess with him he looks JACKED…and a little angry”.

These type of gains are very unrealistic for a natural bodybuilder to experience, long after you’ve plateaued.

Look at Rob Riches or Jeff Seid for example. Both of these guys had incredible responses to lifting weights for the first time in their early days…but since then they’ve only had small gains.

Here’s another 2 year transformation picture verifying these huge gains in a short space of time.


Claims Natty on his Website but Not Anywhere Else…

steroids excerpt

If he was natural it wouldn’t make sense how he’s not made any progress over 10 years, but then all of a sudden gained a load of muscle within the space of 2 years and is now SWOLE.

Also, if it was me I wouldn’t only mention that I was natty via a sentence on the biography page of my website. I’d put it on every single social media account and mention it in statuses…because it’s your unique selling point.

Is Lazar Angelov on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it looks like Lazar has taken steroids. 

There doesn’t seem to be an explanation for Lazar Angelov’s gains from 2004 to 2006 (without him using anabolic steroids).

Unlike some other juicers I’ve analysed, Lazar had fairly average size muscles before he blew up in 2006.

This is maybe why people think he could be natty, because he’s not the size of someone like Phil Heath.

However, the difference between Lazar Angelov and Phil Heath is that Lazar didn’t win the genetic lottery. Whereas Phil looked like a freak even before he touched any gear.

Still, Lazar deserves a lot of credit for his insane transformation as he must’ve worked extremely hard dieting to get down to 5% body fat. 

…And he possibly has the greatest abs in the world.

Lazar’s transformation proves that pretty much anyone can get jacked if you’re willing to work your butt off…even if you have average genetics.

What Steroids is He (Likely) Taking?

From looking at Lazar’s physique it’s possible he’s taking:

  • Primobolan
  • Testosterone

I think Lazar could’ve used Primobolan, because it smooths you out a bit and doesn’t come with many side effects associated with other compounds. Primo is the steroid to take if you want to look somewhat natural.

…As opposed to say winstrol, which dries you out more than a flip flop in the sahara desert. Winny will you look super shredded and almost photoshopped…similar to what Zac Efron looked like for the Baywatch movie.

Primo also sucks in the waist, ensuring you remain aesthetic.

Lazar is also likely to be running testosterone, as using primobolan by itself wouldn’t account for all the muscle mass he’s gained.

Testosterone also may not result in any obvious visual symptoms, other than a more masculine face/jaw. Thus test will enable Lazar to continue repping his somewhat natty look.




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