Is Josef Rakich on Steroids or Natty?

Josef Rakich is an ISSA certified personal trainer and bodybuilder from New Zealand.

Josef has almost 3 million fans on his Facebook page alone and is sponsored by supplement company – EHP labs.

If you follow Josef on Facebook/Instagram your newsfeed will fill up with:

  • Him promoting his PT services
  • Pictures of his abs (that will make you never want to bulk again)
  • His client’s before/after pictures
  • And countless pictures of him posing with his beloved orange lamborghini.

…Yes, he has a lamborghini.

Oh, and his business made $476k in 2013 (1).

He’s inspired millions across the world, due to his incredible transformation: going from the ‘skinniest kid at school’ to that jacked dude who everyone follows on social media.

legal steroids


Height: 5ft 9 (estimated). He claims 5ft 10, but many believe he’s smaller than this.

Weight: 191lbs (87kg)

Body fat: 5%

Josef is known to do lots of small bulks; but typically stays lean all year round.

It’s clear that Josef has a good knowledge on how to build muscle and burn fat, from the content he’s written on the ‘learn’ section of his website and his successful client transformations (which he’s keen to show off via social media).

He was also one of the first fitness icons to push the IIFYM philosophy, where you can eat whatever foods you want and still make the same gains (as long as those foods hit your macros). Otherwise known as flexible dieting.

…Hence how you’ll often see him eating pizza, sushi and chocolate cake.

He once started a thread on the forum, revealing a period where he ate Mcdonalds every single day.

…at which time he was shredded to the bone.

Josef Rakich’s 2 year transformation:

josef rakich transformation

This is according to the dates Josef’s provided on his bodyspace profile.

The muscle gains Josef experienced from 2008-2010 is nothing short of spectacular.

These gains leave us with 2 possible scenarios:

  • He’s a genetic freak. He’s literally one in a million, who simply started lifting weights and got JACKED. This however is unlikely going by his ectomorph figure in the before photo.
  • He’s been juicing HARD.

Lets see if there’s any more evidence of Josef using steroids…

Red flushed skin

clen body

Josef often has a red/flushed look to his skin. This is common in steroid-users due to elevated body temperature, caused by a spike in blood pressure. The reason why a lot of steroids increase your blood pressure is because they increase your LDL cholesterol levels.

This is the bad kind of cholesterol. The steroids that usually spike cholesterol levels in this way are bulking steroids like; testosterone and dianabol.

Clenbuterol however can also create this look to the skin, despite being a cutting steroid. Clen spikes blood pressure because of its stimulant properties. It arouses the nervous system, resulting in extra adrenaline production.

More adrenaline = higher blood pressure.

Josef appears the most flushed when he’s extremely low in body fat, which makes me think he’s using clen to help him get super-shredded.

Bloated face

steroids bloated face

Despite being shredded year round, Josef often has a bloated face. This is a sign of water retention, a common side effect of steroids. Dianabol, testosterone and anadrol are the worst culprits for fluid retention.

Using anabolic steroids at low doses doesn’t always result in obvious bloating, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and other guys from the 60s/70s being prime examples.

This tells us that Josef is probably running pretty high doses, which might explain his huge gains in size/mass.

Gains Timeline

Not only did Josef blow up like the Michelin man in just 2 years, but he’s had significant gains after too.

In December 2013 he updated his bodyspace stats to:

Weight: 170lbs

Body fat: 5%

However in February 2015 (just over a year later) he did an interview with Fit Over Fat where his stats were:

Weight: 191lbs

And his body fat at this time looks to be the same as what it was in 2013 – around 5%.

So he’s gained approximately 20lbs of muscle in just over a year, despite being an experienced lifter.

He also did this without his body fat fluctuating drastically.

Natty guys who are jacked, blow up loads when they first start lifting weights. Then they only experience small gains after that. A good example of this is Jeff Seid.

However, Josef experienced huge gains when he first started and has continued to experience significant gains several years later. This is a sure sign of steroid-cycling.

Roadmap Vascularity


Josef also has prominent veins, spiraling all over his body.

Steroids enhance vascularity, due to them lowering collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives your skin its suppleness. With less collagen, you’re more prone to wrinkling and thinner skin.

Thinner skin = less skin hiding your veins.

So, the thinner your skin…the more vascular you’ll be.

Somebody could have thin skin/be vascular without taking steroids. However a young guy like Josef having this much vascularity (without the use of anabolic steroids) is rare.

Drugs incident

Josef Rakich was arrested in 2013, for dealing mephedrone – a drug similar to ecstasy. He pleaded guilty, but escaped a conviction, due to the offence being committed a couple of years previous.

In that time he’d built a lucrative business; which would be destroyed should he be convicted.

Dealing ecstasy isn’t evidence that he took steroids. But, if you’re willing to take/deal this kind of drug, then you’re more likely to have the personality of someone who WOULD take anabolic steroids.

Is Josef Rakich on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it seems very likely that Josef Rakich has taken steroids.

The biggest clue for Josef using steroids is the fact he gained a huge amount of size in just 2 years…and has kept on growing ever since.

He also has several signs of steroid use such as:

  • Bloating,
  • Flushed skin,
  • Enhanced vascularity.

This altogether confirms in my mind that he’s taking steroids.

Potential Steroid Stack:

  • Clenbuterol (when cutting)
  • Dianabol (when bulking)
  • Testosterone (when bulking)

Although I believe steroids have got Josef Rakich the physique he has today, people shouldn’t discredit what he’s achieved.

After all, millions of people take steroids all over the world, but not everybody looks like Josef Rakich.

And this is a guy who looked like a twig before he started lifting weights.

Thus his transformation had a lot to do with his knowledge on nutrition/training, as much as his steroid-use.

And this is exactly why he’s able to help his clients undergo awesome transformations (even if they don’t take steroids), because he knows how to eat and train smart.

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