Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding After Death of His Role Model

Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding After Death of His Role Model

Updated April 8, 2021
Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding After Death of His Role Model

Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding After Death of His Role Model

NABBA Pro Bodybuilder Jordan Peters announced to his massive online following on March 28th that he is quitting competitive bodybuilding and drastically reducing his steroid protocol. The announcement comes in the wake of the death of Andy Haman, who Peters considered a role model and mentor. Haman died on March 9th, suffering pulmonary embolism following routine elbow surgery. There is no indication that Haman’s death had anything to do with steroids, despite rampant online speculation to that effect.

Peters also made mention of the death of IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe who died in April, 2020. Peters is well known for being completely transparent with his fans about his steroid use. Much of his following has been due to his freaky mass and candid discussion about what it takes to build and maintain that kind of body.

Peter’s honesty about his use of drugs has made a refreshing change from most top bodybuilders who tend to stay away from the subject. The recent spate of high profile deaths in the industry, which includes the sudden demise of another IFBB pro, Dallas McCarver, in 2017, has caused Peters to make the decision to cut right back on his bodybuilding lifestyle habits. Specifically, he states in a post to his forum that he will stop using Trenbolone and other anabolics and, instead, use a mild testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program.

In the post, Peters tells his fans, with his typical raw honesty, that he has grown to hate injecting himself with steroids, as well as being so massive and that he generally feels unhealthy following his current mass monster routine.


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Here are some excerpts from the post . . .

Hey guys ( and girls ),

This last week or so Corinne and I have been talking lots just about the direction of things for me and I have been talking about it more and more of late in regards to wanting to shut down the drug use and see what I can do and how I can look on a trt dose. I was going to keep pushing this whole year but honestly I’m hating injecting, I’m hating being this body weight and I’m just not feeling good !

I do like how I look , but when you have been this heavy for this long I can’t tell you how much it takes a toll on you and like I have said I’m not going to be winning any prize money from competing and anything I can help share and teach people from my experiences thus far aren’t going to change from another year of pushing !”

So from here it’s time to shut this down and I will show you guys how you can look on very low doses , when the goal is just to look great , feel great , be able to manage your food in a way that if you want to eat meals out with loved ones you can do that and it not impact how you look or your goals of maintaining a look your proud of.

Peters stated that he has no desire to get onstage again. He is committing himself to a healthier lifestyle that will allow him to spend more time with his family and live a ‘normal’ life’. He intends to develop a super lean, muscular body that will be more functional and relatable to the average person. Yet he vowed to continue training as hard as ever and to continue pushing ‘some strong shit.’


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