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Is Rob Riches Natural or on Steroids?

Rob Riches is an English fitness model/bodybuilder who has a huge following on social media. This is not just because he’s got one of the greatest bodies in the world, but because he claims to be a lifetime natural.

Rob is considered the number 1 inspiration to nattys all over the world, proving that with strict discipline and clean eating you can achieve your dream body.

As you can see he is very muscular, weighing 180lbs/82kg at 5ft 10 (1).

This may not sound too impressive but when you take into account his body fat (approximately 5%) – this is heavy.

Rob is known to stay at this body fat % all year round, giving him a lot of respect in the fitness industry for his dedication.

He’s literally so boring disciplined that a cheat meal for him isn’t a Mcdonalds but, wait for it…

A slice of fruit and nut bread (with Jam on top).


He’s also made a lot of YouTube videos giving valuable tips on how to build muscle and burn fat, resulting in a very loyal fan base.

Evidence He’s on Steroids:

  • Failed Drugs Test

His reputation as a ‘natural’ was somewhat tarnished in 2013 when he failed a drugs test. His new nickname became ‘Roid Riches’. This resulted in the UKBFF suspending him for 24 weeks and issuing a fine.

Immediately people started talking on forums:

Aha! I knew he was on something

It was blatantly Anavar

100% Growth Hormone

However, he posted an article on his official website giving more details about the failed test and uploaded the official letter sent to him by the UKBFF which stated it was N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine in his system that caused the failed test.

If you’re not familar with this substance, it’s a stimulant. Thus it’s designed to stimulate the central nervous system and give the user an energy boost. Stimulants like these have little to no effect on body composition, making it pretty pointless to take this drug before a competition.

Rob blamed pre workout supplement Craze, for adding N,alpha-diethyl-benzeneethanamine to their formula without listing it in the ingredients.

Does Rob blaming Craze have any credibility at all, or is he just using them as a scapegoat?


After doing some investigating Rob is quite right to point the finger at Craze. The guy behind the company is called Matt Cahill, who has faced criminal charges for distributing dangerous supplements with hidden ingredients (2).

A U.S anti-doping agency proved that Craze did contain amphetamines, which was not disclosed on the ingredients of the supposed ‘natural’ supplement.

Cahill was also found to be selling an illegal designer steroid which gave one guy liver damage, ruining his baseball career.

He also added chemicals to his weight loss pills which were deemed unfit for human-use as early as the 1930‘s, because of people going blind (wow).

…Looks like Rob was lucky not to end up in hospital.

Check out this incredibly entertaining interview where Rob is directly asked about his failed drugs test…lol

Robs face exactly at 1.00 – rofl.

Evidence that Rob didn’t take Steroids:

Great Genetics

Even though the interviewer in the above video was ridiculously naive for saying Rob failed a drugs test for taking ‘steroids’ which was factually incorrect, he did make one good point.

He basically said:

There are loads of your fans who religiously follow all your workout and diet tips, but don’t look anything like you.

rob riches young

The reason for this is that Rob Riches has great genetics for building muscle, which most of his fans won’t have.

He hasn’t actually put on much mass over the years; he’s only added a little more size compared to his LA Muscle days when he was just 21.

This is a guy who evidently made awesome gains as a newbie and used that as a platform to become a world class fitness model.

However, most guys will only have small gains when starting out.

Some will argue, “Okay he hasn’t put on much size over the years, but he has kept his body fat extremely low which isn’t possible as you get older (without drugs)”.

Keeping a very low body fat % as you get older is very difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. But if you’re educated/experienced this is a very small hurdle to overcome. All that happens as you age is your metabolism slows down and you testosterone levels dip very slightly after the age of 30. You’ll lose approximately 1% of testosterone every year after you reach 30.

A guy with Rob’s knowledge will no doubt have various tricks up his sleeve to increase his metabolic rate via training and diet, so he can maintain this shredded look into his late 30’/40’s.

And right now he’s 32 years old so his testosterone would’ve decreased by approximately 2%.

I’m sure he’s having sleepless nights.

No Signs of Steroid-Use

With every guy that takes steroids, there’s always some physical signs of juicing which you can see from looking at their body.

Some of these signs are:

  • flushed skin
  • bloating
  • water retention
  • excessive vascularity
  • acne
  • balding
  • gyno etc.

Rob has literally none of these side effects.

Passed Drugs Tests

It’s important to note that Rob’s competed in several natural drug-tested events and has never tested positive for steroids.

These federations include:

  • Musclemania
  • NPA
  • BNBF

Some of these federations are also keen to expose those who compete in their competitions and are taking drugs, with pages dedicated to listing the names of these athletes.


rob riches

Rob HAS to be natural. After all, he promised his mother he’d never take steroids (3)…

On a serious note, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that rob riches is ‘roid riches’. So until any further evidence is presented to claim any different, it’s very reasonable to assume Rob is natural.

Bros who can’t comprehend that Rob is natural should stop whining, get 15 years of intense training under their belt combined with clean eating and strict dieting. And THEN they might realise that Rob’s physique IS attainable for a natural athlete.

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