Is Jamie Alderton Taking Steroids?

Jamie Alderton is an English fitness model, nicknamed ‘Grenade Jay’ from his sponsorship with supplement company – Grenade.

If you’re not familiar with them, they’re best-known for their popular fat burner supplement which comes packaged as an actual grenade (pretty cool). And if you’ve been to any bodybuilding EXPO’s recently, you’ll see that they have a tendency to bring an army tank to their stand…

As you do.

This is actually pretty fitting as Jamie was in the British Army for 7 years, serving his country in Iraq and Africa.

Contrary to many other fitness models/bodybuilders, Jamie’s quite open about eating less clean foods, admitting his love for alcoholic drinks such as Grey Goose and Guinness during the off-season.

If you do follow him, expect to see some epic cheat meals pop up on your newsfeed (that even the Rock would be proud of).

The fact he admits to eating these devilish treats makes him appear more honest and open than other guys in the fitness industry.

Jamie has also expressed his love for…skittles.

spongebob skittles

His weight fluctuates up and down a lot, as he tends to gain a lot of weight in the off season. He’s approximately 40lbs heavier during the off-season, compared to when he’s dialed in for a competition.

The 2014 Transformation

Speculation of Jamie taking steroids heated up in August 2014 when he made this incredible transformation in just 6 months…

jamie alderton transformation

He went from being bulky and smooth to shredded as fua*k in approximately 25 weeks (supposedly without the use of anabolic steroids).

This has led to him receiving quite a few negative comments on his Facebook page, with people implying that he’s lying about his natty status:

fb comments

So is Jamie really just taking skittles

skittles meme

Let’s have a look at the evidence proving Jamie’s NOT taking steroids…

His 6 Month Transformation – Unrealistic or Attainable?

Jamie went from looking 6/10 to 10/10 in just 6 months. And many natty’s will know that quick gains are impossible in bodybuilding, unless you’re a newbie or juicing.

However, if you analyse his transformation, it’s clear that Jamie hasn’t built any muscle mass during these 6 months.

All he’s done is lose body fat, significantly increasing his muscle definition and vascularity. So is it possible for a natural to lose this much body fat in 6 months?

Jamie appears to have gone from 15% to approximately 3/4%. We’re talking universal body fat percentages here that everybody can relate to – not actual DEXA scan scores (which are more accurate).

Jamie lost 37lbs and 11-12% body fat.

It is deemed average to lose approximately 2lbs a week when cutting.

In my experience, losing 2lbs of weight a week will result in a loss of around 0.5% body fat. And this correlates almost identically to Jamie’s results.

Assuming Jamie lost 2lbs a week, at the fastest he would achieve his ideal competition weight at 20 weeks, thus losing approx 40lbs. But as we all know dieting isn’t plain-sailing, with weight loss plateaus and other psychological hurdles that one has to overcome. So it’s reasonable to assume that a transformation like this will take a little longer than 20 weeks to account for such hurdles.

It actually took Jamie 24 weeks to lose exactly 37lbs – which seems very realistic for any disciplined person cutting.

2 Reasons Why Jamie’s Transformation ‘Looks’ so Spectacular:

  1. He had an exceptional amount of muscle mass underneath all the fat in his ‘before’ picture.
  2. He got to an extremely low body fat % in the after pic.

However, some people would naturally think he had average-sized muscles in the ‘before’ photo, because he’s got more body fat, hiding all muscle definition.

Unless you have no muscle on your frame, anyone will look awesome at 4% body fat. See how impressive some boxers look when they get super-lean…and they don’t have any significant muscle mass.

Therefore, if you DO have the mass beforehand and you get to 4% body fat – your transformation is going to be epic.

Good Genetics

young jamie alderton genetics

Jamie posted a picture of himself as a 13 year old kid, and although he’s not quite got the muscularity that he displays today; he’s certainly very muscular for a 13 year old going through puberty.

If a kid looked like that at 13 years old, I guarantee you all the boys in his year would respect him and all the girls would be going giddy. 

For a 13 year old – this is big. 

Jamie’s 30 now (soon to be 31 on 15th of May).

So with good genetics, combined with intense training and countless bulks for almost 18 years, it’s hardly surprising that he’s jacked.

Drug Tested

Like Rob Riches, Jamie’s competed in the BNBF and Musclemania.

Both of these are drug tested federations and the BNBF is particularly rigorous in catching steroid-users, implementing urine tests and polygraphs (lie detectors).

Drug tests CAN be beaten when an athlete stops taking a substance before a competition so it has time to leave their system.

However the BNBF does random tests throughout the year to counter this, as clearly stated on their site.

bnbf drug testing

Thus making the BNBF a very credible natty federation.

Weak Traps

Jamie has very weak traps in comparison to an average steroid-user.

The reason why your traps can balloon up when juicing is because they contain more androgen receptors than other muscle groups.

If a steroid-user took substances to enhance DHT/test levels and didn’t even train traps, they’d still be bigger than Jamie’s IMO.

No Flushed Skin

Some might argue…

“Okay he might not have used any testosterone-enhancing substances, but he could’ve been using clenbuterol when cutting (won’t affect trap size as it’s not androgenic).”

Firstly this would’ve been flagged in a drugs test and secondly clen-users often experience a significant rise in body temperature due to its themogenic effects. Thus it is common for brah’s cycling clen to have red-looking, flushed skin.

Looking through Jamie’s photos, he never has this look to his skin.

Apart from a picture taken straight after his holiday, which evidently is mild sunburn.

Thick Hair

Anabolic steroids can cause your hair to recede and thin a lot, just from several months of steroids use.

Cycling roids for years = goodbye hair follicles.

This is why a lot of guys in the Mr Olympia are bald, or have shaved their heads (to hide their high hair lines).

Jamie, although 30 years old, has thick hair and shows no signs of receding.

All evidence of normal/natural DHT levels.

Verdict: Natty

There’s no evidence to support Jamie taking steroids.

After doing lots of digging around and compiling different pieces of information, there’s no evidence at all to suggest that Jamie Alderton is taking steroids.

Blessed genetics + a military-like work ethic + 17 years of BIG eating = JACKED.

Brb going to eat some skittles…


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