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DNA Test Proves Ronnie Coleman Is A Genetic Specimen!

Yes, you have heard it right!

Ronnie uses a Revolutionary DNA test to identify the best training practices which can help him.

There is no doubt in it that Ronnie is one of the best Mr. Olympia Champion athletes, and he has got this title 8 times.

DNA Test Ronnie Coleman

But with a recent DNA test, it has been confirmed that he is a special kind of player.

Ronnie is among the biggest bodybuilders of all time. His fans want to know from where he gets all these skills, and passion for bodybuilding.

Undoubtedly he has strong athletic genes, but what really does this mean?

That is the question that has been asked by people at MuscleGenes.

However, in 2013, people did a DNA test on Coleman to find out what genetic markers he has.

But we can first concentrate on his specific type of training.

He adopts various types of training styles for better work.

However, according to scientists, it’s ACTN3 that is responsible for developing strength, with three variations.

Luckily, out of these 3, Coleman has one which is the reason for his more strong existence.

According to research, people with these genes are likely to have a better response to multi-set resistance training.

Muscular Development – DNA Test Proves Ronnie Coleman Is A Genetic Freak

Moreover, these types of genes allow us to train more often and at a higher rate of recovery.

But it seems Coleman already know what works the best for him, without any DNA test.

It is his training which has helped him

A DNA test has not only proved that Ronnie is a great bodybuilder due to various genes in him, but that test has concluded that Coleman is thermogenic, which means Ronnie can burn calories in the heat. However, this process in lower fat.

DNA Test Proves Ronnie Coleman

So Ronnie is needed to consume lots of carbs.

It looks amazing how such scientific things can help athletes knowing about their training and body.

So we hope just like Ronnie, the other athletes would be able to use MuscleGenes and would be able to discover their best fitness practices.

For now, Ronnie is a wonderful athlete and is doing great!

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