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Is Dana Linn Bailey On Steroids? The Ms. Olympia Cycle

Over the decades, the sport of bodybuilding has grown and evolved like never before.

Gone are the days of circus freakshows and comical strongmen with oversized dumbbells bending bars and tearing phone books in half.

Nowadays, bodybuilding is taken a whole lot more seriously.

And why wouldn’t it be?

Bodybuilding is now a sport that generates hundreds of millions.

If not billions, of dollars every single year.

Sponsorship deals are incredibly lucrative to athletes, and supplement sales are through the roof.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t just the big boys of the IFBB that people are now interested in seeing.

A little over a decade ago, the Olympia was the main attraction in the bodybuilding world.

And people were basically interested in seeing Ronnie Coleman go up against Jay Cutler, and nothing else.

The lower divisions didn’t get much of a look in at all and they were merely an afterthought.

Now, people are arguably more interested in the “lower” divisions than they are the main event.

The 212 Olympia became hugely popular thanks to Flex Lewis.

All drumming up interest on social media, it’s easy to see why.

However, it isn’t just the guys that get the attention.

Female bodybuilding is growing as a sport.

Thanks to divisions such as ‘Figure’ and ‘Bikini’.

One female bodybuilder that has received a lot of attention over the years is Dana Linn Bailey.

But, is Dana Linn Bailey on steroids or natural?

Let’s find out.

But before this!

The content you are about to read is based purely on speculation and should not be taken literally.

We do not know for certain whether Dana is on.

Or has used, steroids or performance-enhancing drugs, and we probably never will.

We don’t condone nor recommend the use of steroids as they are extremely dangerous and are illegal.

The aim of this article is to look at what we know about the signs of steroid use and to determine whether we think Dana is natty or not.

Who Is Dana Linn Bailey?

For those of you with a keen interest in competitive bodybuilding.

Or who follow the online fitness community.

You’ll probably know the name ‘Dana Linn Bailey’.

If not, you may know her husband, Rob Bailey.

Dana is an IFBB pro women’s bodybuilder who is one of the most respected competitors, male or female, in the world of competitive bodybuilding.

Dana has won a number of prestigious bodybuilding titles over the years.

Not to mention the fact that she has appeared in countless fitness publications and documentaries.

Has landed very lucrative sponsorship deals with supplement and apparel companies.

And she is a real fan-favorite at bodybuilding expos and conventions.

She competed in the women’s physique division and appeared at the Olympia.

She was even fortunate enough to win it back in 2013.

Because of her amazing condition, and her wild antics.

Both on-screen and on-stage.

She quickly became a fan favorite and was more popular than many male IFBB pro bodybuilders.

Although she has not officially retired from bodybuilding.

She is currently on an extended break from the sport.

As she and her husband Rob, are focussed on building their gym business.

Dana stands at 5ft 4 inches in height and when she competes.

She generally weighs in at around 120 – 125lbs.

In the off-season, she has been known to bulk up to around 140.

Aged just 35, she still has time on her side if she does decide to step back on stage.

Because of her freaky condition, many people have accused her of taking steroids.

Which she has adamantly denied.

Well, we’re going to learn more about her.

And then we’ll decide.

Early Life

Dana Linn Bailey was born in Pennsylvania in the United States back on the 30th of May in the year 1983.

Since she was a young child, it was obvious that she was sporty and athletic.

She was a very active child, and by the time she was just five years of age.

She took part in swimming classes and showed great promise and ability.

When she attended school and college.

She took up more competitive sports and showed a keen interest in soccer and basketball.

She attended West Chester University, where she was recruited to play soccer.

She played in defense and helped guide her side to the playoffs, as well as the NCAAs.

She was turning a lot of heads because of her superior fitness, speed, strength, and athletic ability.

To stay fit for soccer, she, of course, had to work out in the gym.

But it was mainly speeding and conditioning work, rather than strength and mass building.

Despite needing to stay lean, she enjoyed lifting in the gym, and as she left college.

She turned her back on soccer to pursue pastures new.

Now she had no excuse not to hit the weights.

So that’s precisely what she did.

She lifted weights and started to gain muscle mass.


After she left college and stopped playing soccer.

She was now free to hit the weight room, and as the months went by.

She started to put some quality lean mass onto her relatively small frame.

She ate super-clean and lived a very healthy lifestyle.

She trained harder than most men and ultimately this showed in her physique.

She and her then-boyfriend (now husband) Rob, trained at the gym together and the more she trained and learned about the sport of bodybuilding, the more she loved it.

She decided that, rather than just building muscles for a show, she would instead compete on stage. Between 2006 and 2010, she competed in figure competitions.

Needless to say, she dominated. She ultimately wanted to earn her IFBB pro card and turn pro.

The main problem was that, back then, because of the stigma associated with women’s bodybuilding and the obvious steroid abuse, big and muscular looks were out, and lean and defined looks were in.

Dana wanted to combine both and bring something to the stage never seen before.

Thankfully, in 2011, the organizers decided to introduce the ‘Figure’ division, which was basically for women looking to get slightly bigger than those in the ‘Bikini’ division.

She competed in this category and earned her IFBB pro card.

As social media was just starting to pick up, more people became aware of her antics and her physique and her popularity grew.

She competed in other pro shows and won, before making her Olympia debut in 2013.

Most people would be ecstatic with a top 3 finish at the Olympia on their debut, but not Dana. Dana set her sights on gold and she won.

In her debut, she took 1st place at her very first Olympia.

Now she had arrived. Unfortunately, her competitive career fizzled out shortly after.

She competed in 2014 at the O and came 2nd, and that was the last time she stepped on stage.

Is Dana Linn Bailey On Steroids? The Ms. Olympia Cycle

Antics And Life Off-stage

Before we can address the question of is Dana Linn Bailey on steroids or natural.

We’re going to look at her life off-stage and her antics in front of the camera, and her personality in general.

She’s a very polarizing figure, in that you either love her or hate her.

There is no middle-ground with Dana, and she has been accused of acting immature and attention-seeking, especially by trolls online.

She’s loud, very confident, she’s an advocate of body positivity, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

She’s physically strong but even stronger willed.

Again, some people like this about her, whereas others aren’t so keen.

She and her husband Rob, however, are considered one of bodybuilding’s power couples, and that doesn’t look set to change anytime soon.

Steroid Accusations

Now it’s time to try to get to the bottom of is Dana Linn Bailey is natural or not.

Dana is a very muscular woman, and although extremely feminine.

Some would argue that she has masculine traits too.

This is one key reason why she is often targeted by trolls online, and people with strong opinions, who accuse her of taking steroids.

But are there any truths to these accusations?

That’s what we’re going to try to find out.

Here are a few pieces of evidence, both for, and against, potential steroid use on Dana’s part.

Her Size

Okay, first off, if you saw Dana in her prime, you would probably understand why some people think she could have been on gear.

She was carrying a lot of muscle around on a relatively small frame and she looked bigger than most typical gym rats that you see pumping iron in the gym.

She was carrying a lot of muscle mass around, and some would argue that she was too big to be natural.

Rounded Deltoids

One of the best ways of determining whether or not somebody could be on steroids is to look at their deltoids.

Steroid users, both male, and female, often have rounded deltoids and over-developed trap muscles.

The reason for this isn’t because steroid users like to do more dumbbell shrugs and lateral raises.

The reason for this is because the deltoids and traps have a higher concentration of androgen receptors and the more of these receptors there are.

The more muscle you will build there.

Steroids bind to these receptors and basically tell them to create more muscle proteins.

Which in turn causes them to grow.

Dana in her prime had very rounded deltoids that some would argue were a dead giveaway for steroid use.


Not only was Dana big, but she was also very lean and dry.

Genetically, women hold more fat than men and find it harder to lose.

This is why most female bodybuilders will compete with higher body fat percentages than male pros.

However, Dana would compete on stage absolutely shredded.

When she won Ms. Olympia back in 2013, she was peeled and had thinner skin than an onion.

It is possible to get to that low amount of body fat naturally.

But to do it with the amount of muscle mass that she was holding, would be too much for most people naturally.

She Claims Natty

Most bodybuilders will clam up faster than a politician quizzed about their expenses when asked about steroids.

This is because it’s a taboo subject that bodybuilders don’t wish to discuss as it could harm their credibility, their careers, sponsorships, and more besides.

Rather than talk about steroids, they would rather pretend they don’t exist.

Dana, however, has gone on record as claiming to be natural.

She was trained by renowned trainer George Farrah.

Who said she was so dedicated to training naturally that she won’t even use Aspirin for pain management.

She has also claimed online that she has never, and will never, take drugs for fear of what it would do to her body.

Of course, anybody can claim to be natty.

But you’d think she’d lay low and not draw attention to the topic if she really was on gear.


Another side-effect of steroid use is often a square jawline and Dana did certainly have one of those when she was competing.

So, Is Dana Linn Bailey On Steroids?

Based on what we know about steroids, and on how Dana looked.

We believe that she was in fact on steroids when she was competing.

She wasn’t drug tested, her shoulders were huge, and her condition was insane.

In terms of what she was using, we’d go with Anavar, HGH, and perhaps low doses of Test-E.



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