Is Chris Jones (From Physiques of Greatness) on Steroids?

Chris Jones is the founder of Physiques of Greatness, a popular YouTube channel and Facebook page. Chris has built an army of fans with over 740k subscribers on YouTube and 408k fans on Facebook…as a result of getting SWOLE.

Chris provides his own personal trainer services on his website, as well as running his own clothing line called Pump Chasers. Physiques of Greatness also have their own supplement line, which is stocked by supplement giants such as: Tiger Fitness, Predator Nutrition and Muscle & Strength.

Chris Jones’ Stats:

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: 177-200lbs

Because Chris is JACKED and is yet to compete in any bodybuilding shows (meaning he hasn’t been drug tested), the online steroid police have begun asking questions…

Is Chris just genetically gifted or is he hiding his steroid-use in order to promote his own brand?

legal steroids

Denies Steroid-use

Chris has openly come out on his YouTube channel and stated that he’s 100% natural. Now, anyone can lie on camera and say this when it isn’t true…but this isn’t the norm.

Generally I’ve found that guys who are taking steroids tend to avoid such questions and instead talk indirectly about the topic (usually in riddle form) like Kali Muscle and Matt Ogus have done in the past.

Just imagine if you were natural and you started getting trolled by different people everyday, accusing you of taking steroids…how would you react?

If it was me I would want everyone to know the truth instead of discrediting my hard-work, and that’s what Chris has done by uploading the following video on his channel:

Chris comes across as very genuine in the video; however this isn’t enough evidence to give him a natty verdict as it’s still possible he could be lying.

No Signs of Steroids

From looking at Chris’ physique there’s no obvious signs of steroid-use.

He’s NOT:

  • Insanely shredded
  • Overly vascular
  • Got gyno
  • Got overly developed traps/shoulders
  • Incredibly dry

Chris Jones doesn’t have that dry/shredded photoshop look that other steroid-users have. He actually looks pretty smooth and although his muscle bellys are full – he doesn’t have that 3D-look like Bradley Martyn or Chul Soon have.

However, just because someone doesn’t have any obvious visual signs of steroid-use, doesn’t necessarily mean they are natural. There are certain steroids gym rats can take and still look natural – such as dianabol and testosterone.

This is partly why Arnold looked so good, because the steroids he took didn’t give him a distended gut or make him look super dry. As a result he, as well as others from his era, didn’t have this ‘artificial’ look.

Fat to Ripped Transformation

Many trolls in the bodybuilding community are calling out Chris Jones because of the following transformation picture that he posted online:

chris jones transformation

This is a similar weight loss transformation to Jamie Alderton’s which also resulted in him getting ripped (and people calling him out).

The reason why people might think Chris used steroids during this transformation is because they think he’s built a significant amount of muscle.

This is false.

Many people don’t understand that Chris was carrying a large amount of muscle in the before picture. So all he’s done is lose fat (which was covering his muscle definition) and retained the muscle he added during his bulk.

This is easily accomplished by a natural bodybuilder if you know what you’re doing.

If Chris had added 10lbs of muscle and lost 30lbs of fat at the same time, this would be a clear sign of steroid-use; but he hasn’t added any muscle whatsoever.

Gains Timeline

Having a look at someones gains over several years is by far the most effective way to find out if someone’s juicing or not.

If someone builds a lot of muscle due to newbie gains, plateaus for 5 years, then all of a sudden blows up again; you know something fishy’s going on.

But if a person’s gains are slow and steady long after they first started lifting, this is a sign of a natural bodybuilder.

So lets have a look at Chris Jones’ gains timeline:

 chris jones transformation

Is Chris Jones (From Physiques of Greatness) on Steroids?

So in 2009 Chris Jones has already been lifting weights and is obviously in great shape.

He said he spent a whole year dirty bulking, which is how he put on 40lbs.

It’s clear that this isn’t 40lbs of lean mass. If this was the case he’d definitely be on steroids, because gaining 40lbs of pure muscle in a year (for an experienced natty) is unrealistic.

His body fat percentage has increased significantly at this point, showing that the majority of this weight was fat gain.

However, once he finished cutting and lost the fat, he’d added 17lbs of lean muscle as a result of this bulk. These gains are certainly achievable for a natty if you perform aggressive bulks like this. I know this because I’ve also bulked gaining approximately 40lbs, and by the end of my next cut, I’d be 15-20lbs heavier than what I previously was.

CT Fletcher is another strong advocate of the ‘eat big to get big’ mentality.

Black Genetics

It’s also a well-known fact that (averagely) black men have superior genetics when it comes to building muscle. This is because they’ve got higher levels of testosterone compared to white and Asian men. This too is the case with black women, hence how they naturally have more curves in comparison to white women.

Thus it isn’t abnormal for a black man to be genetically gifted like Chris Jones.

There’s also strong evidence to suggest other black bodybuilders have got huge naturally including: CT Fletcher, Simeon Panda and Donte Franklin.

Verdict: Natural

Chris has no visual steroid symptoms whatsoever. He’s not abnormally big for a genetically gifted black male and he’s only made slow/gradual gains over the years. The gains he’s made since experiencing his newbie gains is a testament to his intense bulking and hard work in the gym.

However, guys who train and eat the same as Chris may never reach the same size as him because he is blessed in the genetics department.

…But it’s one thing to have potential and another to actually fulfill it.

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