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Is Calum Von Moger on Steroids or Natural?

Calum Von Moger is an Australian bodybuilder, nicknamed ‘Arnold 2.0‘, due to the fact he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s clone.

He also has a similar accent to the Terminator, because of his Austrian heritage.

Like Arnie, Calum displays the classic bodybuilding look of huge upper body mass, a tiny waist and balanced proportions.

…Contrary to the bloated monstrosities of today, who make pregnant women look skinny.

Old School Bodybuilding

Calum has also won the Mr Universe competition, a title won by Arnold back in his day. Calum is a fan of the old school bodybuilding philosophy, different to the modern approach of ‘bigger is better’.

And although he might not ever compete on the Olympia stage, he’s still able to stand out from the crowd, accumulating over 2 million fans on his Facebook page alone.

…This is more fans than any Mr Olympia contestant, excluding Kai Greene and Phil Heath. Calum would need to gain around 70lbs in order to compete with the likes of Phil Heath and co, but has no intention of doing so… claiming he was never interested in competing in the IFBB.

So is Calum Von Moger a genetic freak and actually natty…or is he taking steroids? Lets have a look at his numbers…

Calum Von Moger Stats:

  • Age: 28 (dob: 1990)
  • Height: 6ft 2
  • Weight: 250lbs
  • Arms: 21″

Gains Timeline

Calum started lifting weights when he was 14 years old, in 2004 (1).

On his Facebook he uploaded this progress pic:

calum von moger progress pic

As you can see he’s blown up considerably since 2008.

We know that natural bodybuilders who have immense genetics blow up fast when they first start lifting weights, but then pretty much stay the same size afterwards.

In the ‘before’ picture, Calum Von Moger would’ve been lifting weights consistently for 4 years, meaning this transformation isn’t down to newbie gains.

Instead, this is an indication of steroid-use as this much growth is unrealistic naturally (if you’ve already been lifting for several years).

Random fact: Calum Von Moger’s net worth is rumored to be around $2 million (1)

Excessive Vascularity

You only need to browse through a few of Calum’s pictures on Instagram or Facebook to realise the guy has freaky vascularity; with veins spiraling through his delts, chest, biceps and legs.

Although it IS possible to be vascular without steroids, enhanced vascularity is a common side effect among guys on the juice; as steroids cause your skin to thin.

Red/flushed skin

Is Calum Von Moger on Steroids or Natural?

In many of Calum’s photos, he has a red/flushed look to his skin. This is a side effect of steroid-use (Josef Rakich also had this pinky/red colour to his skin). The reason anabolic steroids cause this ‘look’ is because they increase your blood pressure.

And when your blood pressure is elevated, your body temperature will also rise. This red appearance is caused because the persons blood vessels are dilating, allowing more warm blood to the surface of the skin. The body does this to prevent overheating the internal organs and so the excess heat can be lost in the air (as it’s located closer to the surface).

Is Calum Von Moger on Steroids?

Based on the evidence it seems like Calum Von Moger is taking steroids.

Potential Steroid Stack:

  • Dianabol
  • Testosterone

Dianabol and testosterone are bulking compounds used to get huge.

He’s most likely running these at lower doses to prevent excess bloating and water retention.

UPDATE: Calum Admits to Taking Steroids

Calum Von Moger has confirmed that this verdict is correct, after publicly admitting to taking steroids.

He openly talked about his steroid-use with a couple of friends of mine at a bodybuilding expo, where they were brave enough to ask the question…and Calum was honest enough to say admit he does take them.

Also he did a video interview with Generation Iron, where he was asked about his views on steroids, and he claimed he only started juicing after his first bodybuilding show (Junior Mr Universe). His reason for taking them was so he could compete in the senior Mr Universe division…which would’ve been almost impossible if he remained natty.

In the video Calum said:

“I never claim natural and I never deny that I took them (steroids), I just dont talk about it publicly because It’s something that I don’t want to promote”.

You can watch the clip below where Calum admits to taking steroids:

Having a look at what Calum looked like in the Junior Mr Universe competition (where he was natty), it’s fair to say he was JACKED even before he started juicing.

So his monstrous mass is a result of incredible genetics and hard work…as well as steroids.

What He Looked like (Possibly) as a Natty:

How is he able to keep a tiny waist despite taking steroids?

The reason why Calum and the old-school bodybuilders (Arnie, Franco, Zane etc) looked so aesthetic is because they weren’t using human growth hormone and insulin, which is responsible for the ‘steroid guts’ bodybuilders have today.

It’s also likely that Calum and other aesthetic bodybuilders are taking steroids in lower doses, in comparison to modern IFBB pros.

…Hence how he’s not bloated like a hippo.



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