Is Brandon Carter on Steroids or Natural?

Brandon Carter is a personal trainer, fitness model, best-selling author and entrepreneur. He’s transformed thousands of people’s physiques all over the globe and has modeled for Nike, Adidas, Puma and Men’s Health.

…Oh and he’s a self-made millionaire.

I’ve seen worse resumé’s for a 34 year old.

For those who aren’t familar with Brandon…if Dwayne Johnson and Terry Crews could reproduce somehow and give birth to a son, it would be Brandon Carter.

Is Brandon’s chiseled physique the result of taking steroids? Or is his temple the result of blessed genetics and years of hard work?


Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 190lbs

BF percentage: 8%

For 6 ft 2, Brandon’s actually pretty light at 190lbs.

Guys on roids are usually pretty heavy, because they’ll be carrying a significant amount of muscle weight AND a truck load of water weight.

It’s normal for steroid-users to retain an extra 10-20lbs of fluid during a cycle.

legal steroids

Brandon Denies Taking Steroids

If a bodybuilder’s under intense heat from the steroid police (aka online bodybuilding trolls), and they don’t come out and address the topic, alarm bells start ringing in my mind.

If you’re natural why wouldn’t you come out and say you’re not taking steroids?

Brandon has uploaded a YouTube video denying any steroid-use (see the video below).

However, bodybuilders have lied about taking steroids in the past, so we won’t just take Brandon’s word on this one.

Personality Profile

Brandon Carter has opened up on his YouTube channel about his troubled past.

He’s revealed he always wanted to be rich from a young age and initially went about this goal in the wrong way; dealing drugs in order to live a lucrative lifestyle.

This gives us an insight into the person Brandon used to be.

We know from other profiles we’ve analysed on, including those who have a history of being associated with drugs, have also taken steroids.

We saw this with Mike Rashid and his gym getting busted (although this wasn’t his fault). We saw it again with Sly Stallone trying to smuggle HGH into Australia and even Josef Rakich, when he was arrested for dealing mephedrone.

It’s no coincidence that all of these guys also ended up with a steroid verdict.

If you’re on the bodybuilding scene and you’re connected with drugs in some way; you’re most likely juicing too.

However, this isn’t proof that Brandon has definitely taken steroids, so lets continue the investigation.

Gains Timeline

Without a doubt, the best way to tell if someone’s juicing is by looking at their gains timeline.

I was able to find a picture of Brandon Carter when he was a teenager, enabling us to monitor his gains over many years and check for any abnormalities or sudden growth spurts.

Here’s a picture of Brandon when he was 16 years old.

brandon carter young

At 16, Brandon wasn’t lifting weights and was yet to finished puberty; but he was already jacked.

It isn’t normal to be this muscular at 16, showing that Brandon’s got exceptional genetics.

If we fast forward to 2012, Brandon was doing some home workouts, but still didn’t have a gym membership (1). He said at this time he just wanted to be “a lean P90x fitness guy” and wasn’t interested in getting big.

However after 2012, Brandon’s body transformed and he blew up.

Two Year Transformation

brandon carter transformation

In the first picture Brandon’s 175lbs, and in the second picture he’s 190lbs.

This is a gain of just 15lbs in 2 years.

We know Brandon was only doing workouts at home in the 2012 picture; and didn’t want to get swole. However, after this, he joined a gym and starting training like a bodybuilder – hitting big compound movements. As a result, he experienced typical newbie gains, adding an extra 15lbs of lean mass to his frame.

15lbs is a typical amount of weight for a natty to gain during their ‘newbie gains’ period.

If he’d been lifting weights for years, but then suddenly blew up by 15lbs; that would be suspicious. This would point to steroids because natty’s almost reach their full muscular potential after experiencing their newbie gains.

You will only make small and slow gains after this.

Brandon hasn’t got any bigger since 2014, so in his gains timeline there’s nothing that looks unnatural and would indicate steroid-use at any time.

Also when you take steroids, you won’t gain 15lbs – you’ll gain 50+lbs.

Body Composition

Guys who juice also tend to have a few steroid symptoms (which are visible to the naked eye). Here’s some common ones:

  • Acne
  • Steroid gut
  • Gyno
  • Exceptional traps/deltoids
  • Prominent vascularity etc

Looking at Brandon Carter’s body, there’s nothing which shouts out “steroids”.

The only thing I notice is Brandon’s face and midsection is a little more smooth compared to his modelling days. It looks like he’s retaining a little water in these areas. After reading more about his nutrition and eating habits, this could be attributed to intermittent fasting, which he performs all-year round.

When you don’t eat for extended periods of time, cortisol levels rise. When cortisol increases, water retention follows. It’s worth pointing out that Brandon’s only holding a little bit of water, nothing like the fluid retention/bloat that steroid-users experience when on a cycle.

How Does Brandon Stay Lean All Year Round?

One argument that people throw about for Brandon being on steroids is: he’s lean all year round.

It’s a myth that if someone’s lean 365 days of the year, they’re on steroids.

If you accuse someone of this I question how much you know about nutrition. The key to staying constantly ripped all year round is…

*drum roll*

Eating maintenance calories.

Which basically means don’t overeat – it’s literally that simple.

It’s not difficult to stay ripped for long periods of time, if you know what you’re doing.

…The hardest part is getting ripped in the first place.

Sure, you might not be able to maintain 4% BF without gaining a little fat, but Brandon’s only around 8% BF, which is a piece of cake to maintain (I’ve done it myself).

If you haven’t got much willpower or you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, you may find it difficult to stay lean; but for most natty lifters this is very do-able.


Based on the evidence, it all points in favour of Brandon Carter being natural.

His gains timeline doesn’t have any abnormalities in terms of muscle growth, he doesn’t have any steroid symptoms and we can see at 16 years old he was already jacked (before he ever laid eyes on a dumbbell). This indicates that he’s genetically gifted.

Can you look as good as Brandon Carter naturally? Yes, but the chances are you’re not going to have as good genetics as Brandon when it comes to building muscle.

Having weaker genetics means you’ll need to spend a few more years bulking up and putting on size. So, for the average gym rat you can still get jacked like Brandon (but it might take you longer than what it took him).

On the flip side, you could take steroids and not look anywhere near as good as Brandon.

Genetics, nutrition and training will always be the biggest factors when it comes to building muscle.



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