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Bostin Loyd On Steroids – The Truth Exposed

Perfection is a tricky thing to achieve.

In fact, there is no such thing as perfection as it is all subjective.

One person’s idea of perfection could be somebody else’s idea of hell.

Bodybuilders in general, however, are often in search of the perfect physique.

Competitive bodybuilders will seemingly stop at nothing in order to achieve their goals and attain the ultimate physique.

The sad reality is that some bodybuilders have been known to go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals and unfortunately have lost their lives along the way.

Out of respect, we won’t be naming any names because we aren’t aware of all of the facts but recently there have been several young bodybuilders with their lives ahead of them.

That sadly lost their lives through, what many people believe to be steroid and drug abuse.

Needless to say, this is one of many reasons why there is a stigma associated with steroid use and discussion.

It is also one of the main reasons why bodybuilders are so reluctant to openly discuss steroid use.

It’s very refreshing, therefore, to come across a bodybuilder who is clearly on steroids.

That is more than happy to openly talk about the cycle they’re running and their past steroid use.

Today we’re talking about is Bostin Loyd on steroids.

Even though the answer is very clear.

And you’ll find out why a little later on.

Before we can start learning more about Bostin and his apparent steroid use, we need to clear something up.

The content of this article is based purely on speculation on our part and should not be taken as gospel truth.

We do not condone nor recommend the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Not only are they illegal.

But they are also extremely dangerous and can potentially be fatal.

The purpose of this article is purely to educate and inform.

Who Is Bostin Loyd?

Bostin Loyd is a hugely controversial figure in the world of bodybuilding.

Some people love him and consider him to be a breath of fresh air.

Other people, however, consider him to be a drug cheat and a sell-out.

He is one of the world’s very first pro bodybuilders in the public eye.

To openly and honestly discuss his steroid cycles and his past steroid use.

The title of this article is ‘Is Bostin Loyd on steroids’?

And the answer to that question is yes because he’s already openly admitted it.

So, surely that settles that, right?

Well, to give you something interesting to read about.

We’re going to look at Bostin and what he has to say about steroid use.

Both of Bostin’s parents were bodybuilders, as is his partner Ariella Palumbo.

Needless to say, bodybuilding is in his blood and is clearly a passion of his.

Some would argue that he has made a name for himself in bodybuilding circles, not from his physique, his diet, or his training regime.

But rather through his openness about his steroid use.

That could indeed be the case.

But it’s certainly refreshing to have a bodybuilder in the public eye.

Openly and honestly talking about something that.

Let’s face it, most pros are almost certainly doing anyways.

But, we digress.

Let’s learn a little more about Bostin and how he got to where he’s at today.

Early Life

Bostin grew up with bodybuilding in his veins.

Both of his parents were bodybuilders.

So his household was the perfect environment for people looking to pack muscle onto their bodies and get in shape.

He was born in 1992, on March 29, so he has recently turned 27 years of age.

Growing up in California he knew what it took to be a bodybuilder, even from a young age.

His parents actively encouraged him to get involved in sports, health, and fitness, and that’s precisely what he did.

In his household, life was very simple as it revolved around the mantra of eat-train-sleep and repeat.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before he was pumping iron in the gym and lifting weights, and he found himself competing soon after.

He was, after all, in the perfect environment to be bodybuilding and packing on muscle mass.

He competed and won a number of shows, including many NPC shows.

As the sport of bodybuilding began to change, Bostin found himself falling out of love with the sport.

Whereas in the early days it was all about building a world-class physique and bettering yourself.

Bostin found that as more and more divisions started popping up, promoters started growing greedy and saw bodybuilding purely as a way of making money through sponsorships and supplements.

Suddenly, rather than appreciating a person’s physique, a bodybuilder was instead judged on who he was endorsing and which supplements he was allegedly using to get to where he needed to be.

Bostin decided to move away from bodybuilding and look for other avenues of earning a living within the industry.

He launched his own clothing line entitled 3CC clothing. And yes, that 3CC is a deliberate steroid-related pun.

Steroid Admittance

Bostin knew that he wasn’t in love with bodybuilding, and he knew that he needed a way out.

He decided to do something that very few pro bodybuilders had ever done before, nor will they be likely to do again, and that is to discuss steroid use.

In 2013, Bostin created a YouTube video in which he openly and honestly admitted to using anabolic-androgenic steroids.

Now, despite bodybuilding being clearly synonymous with steroid use, most bodybuilders can’t stop talking quickly enough when the topic is brought up.

When asked if they are on steroids, most bodybuilders will nervously look at the floor and quietly claim that they are natural.

Some will use the classic method of deflecting the question by stating that they ‘used steroids once’ many years ago and that they didn’t like how they made them feel.

Bostin, however, created a YouTube video in which he discussed his ‘stack’.

Most people assumed he’d be talking about supplements and would talk about things like whey protein, creatine, and BCAAs.

To the amazement, and outrage of many bodybuilders and people in the industry, however, he instead spoke for almost 30 minutes on the anabolic steroid stack that he used to get so big and muscular.

The steroid cycle was a 12-week, pre-contest cycle as he prepped for a show.

‘Research Chemicals’

Bostin was trained by Dave Palumbo, a former amateur bodybuilder who became famous for ‘Palumboism’ thanks to his severely atrophied physique.

Dave may not have made waves on stage, but he certainly proved he knew his stuff afterward.

He developed his own supplement line, he founded RX-Muscle.

He became a certified trainer and nutritionist and he helped countless athletes in their quest for the perfect physique.

One such athlete was a youngster named Bostin Loyd.

Bostin, however, went on record to state that Dave had no idea he was on steroids, as he was purely in charge of his diet.

Whether that is true or not is neither here nor there.

Also in the video, Bostin stated that he was around 265 pounds 12 weeks out and that he was out of shape.

He states that he would wake up in the morning and have a wide range of ‘research chemicals’ already laid out neatly on his desk.

One chemical was clenbuterol.

Remember, he was prepping for a show, so the idea was to cut and burn fat while preserving muscle.

He was basically experimenting with what worked and didn’t work with his body.

This was extremely dangerous, but as he states, he didn’t know what he was doing and he wouldn’t recommend that anybody do what he did.

After using his research chemicals, he would then inject 4iu’s growth hormone before cooking breakfast. He used on-cycle support in the form of Arimidex.

He would use Clen once in the morning and once at night.

Other Steroids

As well as the ‘research chemicals’ Bostin claimed he used.

He also stated that he was taking 1500mgs of Test, along with 800mgs of Deca Durabolin, 800mgs of Equipoise, along with 4ius of insulin and peptides.

Which he took post-workout and right before he went to sleep.

He stated that, as he approached the show, he would taper some drugs down, and some drugs up, depending on where he needed to be.


This article is titled is Bostin Loyd on steroids, which we already knew the answer to, because he has openly admitted to being on gear.

However, what surprised a lot of people, was that he also admitted to using Synthol.

Now, Synthol is basically a filler oil in which bodybuilders have been known to inject into certain body parts to help fill out gaps in their physique to make them appear more symmetrical and aesthetic.

Some people, however, have been known to abuse Synthol and take it too far.

If you’ve ever seen those ridiculous videos of people in foreign countries, walking around with enormous balloon arms and shoulders.

While the rest of their bodies look normal, this is almost certainly because of Synthol abuse.

In the infamous video, Bostin admitted to injecting Synthol into various body parts, depending on what muscle group he was training on which specific day.

He stated that, if he was training chest because your delts and triceps are activated during the workout, he would inject the delts and tris with Synthol.

He also stated that he would inject himself with peptides directly into the leg, in the middle of the day in the middle of the parking lot outside of the gym because peptides were legal.

After injecting the peptides, he’d have his post-workout shake, and then as soon as he got home.

He’d inject 3cc’s of Synthol directly into his triceps and deltoids.

Is Bostin Loyd On Steroids?

Is He Brave Or Reckless?

We could go on and on about the infamous video, but it’s probably best for you to simply watch it yourself.

As it is still currently out there and can be found online very easily.

Now, after he released the video, he started to receive a lot of attention.

Some people claimed that he was very brave for openly admitting to using steroids and doing what many others just like him almost certainly did.

Others claimed he was an idiot because of the drugs he was taking and the way in which he took them.

And others were outraged at the fact that he was blowing the whistle on other steroid users.

Even though he didn’t name any other bodybuilders, judging by his physique and how he looked, if he was on steroids, surely the guys as big as him, or bigger even, were also on steroids.

This drew negative attention to the sport, especially because of how the media demonized steroids, and he received a ton of hate online.

There were people in the industry wanting to kick his ass, as well as complete strangers and online trolls literally threatening his life.

He received a ton of criticism from the NPC and athletes competing in the NPC, but the video got people talking, and it got them talking about Bostin Loyd.

They say that any publicity is good publicity.

Bostin, however, believes that he was right to make the video because he educated a lot of people, including naïve bodybuilders who believed that.

Naturally, a 5ft 10-inch man could build 300 pounds of solid muscle naturally, without the use of steroids.

So, Is Bostin Loyd On Steroids?

Well, obviously, the answer is yes.

He openly admitted to using steroids and spoke about the cycle he was running, as well as admitting to using Synthol.

Like him or hate him, you have to admire him for being open and honest.

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