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Steve Shaw is the founder of Muscle and Brawn, and a powerlifter with 30+ years of experience. Steve's recorded a 600lb squat, 672lb deadlift and a 382lb bench press.
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Matt Kroc Kroczaleski 12 Week Squat Program

Matt Kroczaleski is a world renowned powerlifting champion. Matt’s a former marine, who at his peak weighed 255lbs at 5 ft 9.

The former MuscleTech sponsored athlete has recorded some monster lifts including a 738lb bench press, an … Read more

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10 Week Staggered Deadlift Workout Program

If you’re currently plateaued, and craving a new deadlift PR – this article is for you.

This is a staggered 10 week deadlift program for intermediate lifters. It can be repeated as many times as needed.

Lifters will alternate between… Read more

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The Close Grip Bench Press Mistake You’re Probably Making

Many of you are performing close grip bench presses wrong.

Heck of a way to start an article, I know, but hear me out.

Most of us learned how to perform the close grip bench press from reading muscle building magazines. If not, we learned from a similar… Read more

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19 Amazing Before & After Bodybuilding Transformations

It can sometimes feel like some bodybuilders landed on this earth as ready made Goliaths, and there’s no chance they could have been a skinny kid struggling to lift their first dumbbell at one point. Well, amazingly, we have evidence … Read more

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Easy To Make 1000 Calorie Homemade Weight Gainer Shake

arnold shake

Building muscle is a very common goal, particularly among young men. You see the well-known and highly paid bodybuilders winning Mr Olympia and you want to emulate their success. Or maybe you want to build size for your sport; being boxing, … Read more

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Bodybuilder Lee Haney Workout Plan

While everyone has heard of Arnie, and most have heard of Ronnie, Lee Haney is as successful as either (and technically more successful than Arnie). An 8 time Mr Olympia, the only thing stopping Haney from winning more was himself – choosing … Read more

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Body Composition: The War Between The Scale And The Mirror

It happens every Monday. Someone wakes up and decides to enter the world of weight loss.

They jump on the scale and sigh in disgust.

Next they try to eat better and workout to lose that weight. They might even set a goal and/or time frame to be at… Read more

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