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Nick Screetoni
Nick is a certified personal trainer who's been transforming people's physiques for the last 10 years. Nick's conducted over 10,000 training sessions and his brand LEPfitness is continuously growing (based in Sheffield, England).
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Heavy Duty, The Mentzer and Yates Training Sessions

dorian yates and mike mentzer

There’s many different bodybuilding training philosophies which you can read about online, but arguably two of the best were designed by Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates.

Mike Mentzer and Dorian Yates

Mike Mentzer was a world class bodybuilder… Read more

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Heavy/Light Bodybuilding Workout Routine

There’s lots of conflicting opinions when it comes to bodybuilding routines, and what’s the best way to build an aesthetically pleasing physique…

In one camp you’ve got the people who say you should lift heavy, for example Dorian Yates and Read more

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The Ten Golden Rules of Bodybuilding

If you want to become a bodybuilder, or just want to pack on some serious muscle tissue, there are some things which cannot be ignored. These are the core fundamentals (the 10 commandments if you like) that are set in stone…

10 Golden Rules of Bodybuilding

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Negative Reps – Negative Repetitions

negative reps

Have you heard of ‘negative reps’?

It’s a highly effective style of training for building muscle and causing metabolic damage (that’s a good thing by the way!). In this post we’ll look at what negative reps are, the pro’s/cons and how … Read more

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Powerlifting Workouts Workouts

4 Day Base Powerlifting Workout Program

Powerlifting Workout

Following a specific powerlifting program is a great way to add strength and size to your frame. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to benefit from such a program, for example a bodybuilder, or even the everyday person looking to gain strength… Read more

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Superslow HIT Training for Fast Muscle Gains

Exercise pioneer Arthur Jones founded HIT training in the 1970s. HIT stands for High Intensity Training which became very popular in the 70s and still is today, because it’s proven to be extremely effective at building muscle.

HIT… Read more

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1968 Mr. Olympia Results

sergio oliva 1968 mr olympia

Winner – Sergio Oliva

Sergio was 5ft 10 and weighed between 225-235lbs – a heavy, and well built bodybuilder during that era. Sergio was known for his huge arms, wide chest and his amazing v-taper body shape (wide back, and narrow… Read more

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