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Steve Shaw is the primary content manager for Muscle and Brawn.
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Interview With Strongman Competitor Doc Colossus

You want strong? Look no further? Strongman competitor Doc Colossus doesn’t mess around with light weight, baby. In this interview with the Doc, he talks about his recent injury, and tells us how he got involved with lifting and strongman… Read more

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Dave Draper Top Squat Review

Dave Draper Top Squat Review

As my mother would say, I’m not a Spring chicken anymore. At 42, I am stronger than I have ever been in my life, but I am also fragile. Though I have remained injury free over the course of my life (from weight training… Read more

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Muscle Building

Ronnie Rowland on the Slingshot Training System

Ronnie Rowland on the development of the Slingshot Training System…

I’ve been around training for about 30 years now and it’s provided me with the opportunity to observe and ask a lot of questions to top level bodybuilders, strength … Read more

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Sergio Oliva Training Routine

Sergio Oliva Training Routine. Sergio Oliva stated that the following routine was his only true exercise program. His training routine involved some interesting combinations…high volume, 5×5 work, supersets, antagonistic… Read more

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Understanding Progression: Weight and Intensity

More! More! More! Do more!

How many times have you read that in an article, or on a forum post? Progression is king, but what exactly is progression? Is it good enough to simply add more weight each time you workout? Or should you be upping the training… Read more

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Essential Supplements for Muscle Mass

Essential Supplements for Muscle Mass. Most supplement claims are no better then the words of a snake oil salesman…

–“Supplement X is proven to pack on 500% more muscle mass then its competitors!”
–“Just… Read more

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Strength Building Workouts

3 x 3 Powerlifting Routine

The 3×3 powerlifting system is performed in an 8 week cycle, comprised of 2 phases. Phase 1 is a high volume phase which is used to work on lift form and building  muscle mass, and Phase 2 which is focused on building strength.

Before beginning… Read more

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