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Killian McGrath
Killian McGrath is a beginner in the field of lifting. He hopes to help others who are on the same journey as him.

Steroid Use In Teens

At my gym I see it all the time. A scrawny teen with “BACK-NE” (back acne), doing a volume training routine that he most likely got out of a bodybuilding magazine.

Steroid use, along with other performance enhancing drugs, is rapidly increasing… Read more

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Not a Huge Bodybuilder: Beginner 4 Beginner


I am not a huge bodybuilder.  I’m not one of those guys you see benching 300 lbs like it’s nothing.  I haven’t been lifting for 20 years (I’m not even 20 years old).  So who am I, and why the hell am I writing an article telling you what to do … Read more

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