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Faheem Chauhan
Faheem Chauhan has trained for over a decade. He spent 5 years competing in Powerlifting with the BDFPA and has also competed in local Strongman and Grip competitions. He has written previously for Hardgainer magazine.
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Powerlifter Rob Palmer Interview

Faheem Chauhan (Fazc) interviews Powerlifter Rob Palmer for Muscle and Brawn.

FC: Rob thanks for doing this interview with us. Let’s take this from the start; from what I understand you’ve been Powerlifting for a relatively … Read more

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Raw Powerlifting: How To Increase Your One Rep Max

In this article I will cover my interpretation of training for unequipped Powerlifting. That is how to increase your 1RM in the Power Lifts. This article will assume you have graduated from beginner status, have a strong foundation and have… Read more

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The Art of Discussion And Information Selection

This article will come in two parts and will be different in that rather than the writer taking sole responsibility in forming opinions and coming to conclusions, you as the reader will share the responsibility in coming to conclusions and … Read more

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Getting Back Into Training

We’ve all been there before; training is going fine then ‘life’ strikes and circumstances change. A lifter’s entire day-to-day routine may change and training is the last thing on your mind for a while. This article will cover a safe and productive… Read more

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