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Tony E, also known as Body by Gamma, Has competed in over 15 Strongman/Powerlifting competitions. Best lifts include 360lbs stone, 300lbs Overhead Press, 350 Competition Bench, 525 Competition Squat, 405 Zombie Squat and 630lbs Deadlift. For more information on Body by gamma, please visit Tony's blog or Youtube channel.
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The “Conjugate Method” Made Simple

conjugate method

Louie Simmons is one of the most underrated strength and conditioning coaches in the world. He’s been instrumental in changing the world of weightlifting – yet most people have never heard of him

Simmons is probably the greatest… Read more

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The Man Maker Workout: Puke Bucket Ready


I have this crazy conditioning routine I call the MAN MAKER. This is one of my secret training routines. I do this every once in a while when I want to take my fitness and mental strength to the next level. I will disclose it with you. Ready your puke… Read more

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Powerlifting: Personalizing Periodization

By Bodybygamma

After a long hiatus from training more than one and rarely 2 times a week, focusing on work, over the last 2 months I have shifted back towards training 3-4 times a week consistently. I have not skipped a beat and  learned 3 things… Read more

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Strength Training

How To Get Strong Part 2: Make Savage The Body

Part 2 of my beginners guide to becoming strong. Before releasing part 3 on how to build a foundation, you must first understand the key concepts of a proper training cycle in order to make it work effectively and efficiently.


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Strength Building Workouts

Wendler/Westside Strongman Template The Rough Edition

Warning to the reader! This is something I have been taking a lot of time developing. This is the rough edition, because I will let you response, send hate mail and suggestions, work out the kinks and shape this mere article/crazy idea/guide,… Read more

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Stretching and Strength! The Real Reasons Heavy Lifters Can’t Stretch

After reading Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Relax into the Stretch” I have gained serious insight on what really causes the muscle stiffness, lack of mobility and inability to stretch past our comfort zones; which is most common with Strongmen/(women),… Read more

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Strength Training

How to Get Strong: Strength Training Made Simple. Part 1: Cultivating the Mind

First of all, your mind and body must work in tandem with each other. Think in terms of Yin and Yang. There is no division, no separation between these two powers. They must be focused and harnessed as one sole being or entity. The unstoppable force… Read more

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