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The scope of research in sports medicine has significantly increased over the past decade. With more people adopting a healthier lifestyle now, sports in today’s world is largely seen as a gateway to the fitness and leisure world. To meet the growing demand, the integration of medical knowledge and resources in different sports is a need of the hour.

The purposeful decision of acquiring the domain of Asian Journal of Sports Medicine by Muscle and Brawn is taken after carefully considering the market demand. What we believe is that fitness freaks need to have the right recommendation backed up by clinical research.

Thus, using the conglomerate approach to clinical knowledge and the demographic data via the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine platform, we want to optimize the health and fitness experience of our readers all over the globe.

About Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM)

The Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM) is an international peer-reviewed scientific research medical journal with all rights reserved by the Sports Medicine Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

The journal secured scientific research approval on 13 July 2011. Since then, the journal has been well-focused on providing quality research in different sports played worldwide with a special interest in endemic sports of Asia and spreading knowledge that can help promote a sporty yet healthy culture.

Key Focus Areas of Research of Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM)

The journal primarily focuses on sports rehabilitation and aims to publish original research centered around basic, biomedical, and clinical sports medicine. This includes areas such as injury management because the etiology of different pathologies/wounds is quite common in sports.

On top of that, it is important to remain up-to-date regarding the new treatment plans, such as physiotherapy and rehabilitation, that can help people recover, and AsJSM aims to uncover the topics for the betterment of the fitness audience.  

Besides, physiological health is one of the integral niches in any sport or exercise. AsJSM aims to provide the readers with contemporary knowledge regarding the physiological factors, such as cardiopulmonary health, to consider while getting involved in any physically demanding activity.

Perhaps one of the important realms is the role of nutrition and diet in any sports, exercise, or fitness regime. The journal has been publishing original research in the nutritional/dietary domain for the readers to be well aware of their dietary requirements.  

Contribution of Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM) in COVID-19 Pandemic

Considering their responsibility as a well-renowned sports medicine journal, the editorial committee welcomed scientific research involving the lifestyle changes that could replace sports and other outdoor fitness exercises amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Several innovative medical knowledge was broadcasted in their quarterly issues that helped people to remain healthy and fitness conscious while staying at home.

Scientific Collaborators And The Quality Publication Process

AsJSM enjoys the valuable scientific collaboration of Sports Medicine Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, and the University of Zululand, located in South Africa.

AsJSM has released a total of 12 volumes so far, and each volume comprises 4 issues. The moto of the journal is to promote quality and original research in the field of sports medicine. Thus, the journal welcomes and promotes innovative and advanced original publications by researchers.

While the final acceptance decision regarding any publication lies in the hands of boards and committees, the editors reserve the right to decline any research material for publication if they see fit.

Perhaps to check the credibility of any medical journal, it is important to see the list of databases and libraries that it is indexed in. And Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM) is proudly listed in the following top databases:

1.       SCOPUS


3.       Index Copernicus

4.       Scientific World Index

5.       WHO-EMRO Index Medicus

What Can Muscle and Brawn Readers Expect Moving Ahead

Now that Muscle and Brawn have acquired the domain of AsJSM, we are going to use the resource to bring out more scientifically valid, quality, and relatable content for our readers.

We plan to revolutionize the health and fitness niche by providing you with the latest clinical research on supplements, peptides, multivitamins, and what not! While we had been doing this for years now, it would be with more credibility and authenticity.

Bodybuilding has always been one of our prime focus areas, and we would definitely be promoting more academic and experimental/laboratory work by Sports Medicine and Research Center so that a personalized guide on hot topics, such as new SARMs and steroids, is available for our readers across the globe.

Not only this, we will now go beyond the scope and will be bringing out content guides for you that will mitigate any risks of injuries, bad health, or any adverse effects in your fitness journey.

The integration of the domain of Asian Journal of Sports Medicine ( with Muscle and Brawn means that our experienced writers will have an opportunity to keep up with all the latest research and put forward Scientific/Medically accurate content that will help our readers put more trust in us, and live their aspiring fitness and bodybuilding lives without a second opinion.