Winsol Review for Bodybuilding

Winsol Review for BodybuildingWinsol is the legal steroid alternative to stanozolol (otherwise known as winstrol). Winstol is a popular steroid used by bodybuilding looking to build muscle and shred fat.

Winsol, produced by Crazy Bulk, eliminates water retention and helps to build quality lean muscle tissue.

The supplement mimics a potent steroid in a way, making the possible effects extreme and noticeable. With only natural ingredients used in the product, there are no side effects expected or reported.

Warning: The content on and the information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Prior to buying anything, check that it is compliant where you live with your current government laws.

Claims & Benefits

The real question is: Has Winsol got what it takes to help you shred down? Winsol claims to be able to provide a range of compelling benefits for serious athletes. This include:

  • Become both faster and stronger, reduce body fat and retain lean muscle
  • See increased vascularity
  • Achieve considerably increased muscle definition and tone

Winsol promises that “water retention masking fat loss will be a thing of the past,” eliminating one of the common problems that athletes face. As an example, the fat will burn off while still being able to retain lean muscle rather than also losing muscle.

The fact that strength, endurance, speed, power, and agility are all improved upon when using this supplement means that it can be used by a wide range of people, with various goals, from bodybuilders to athletes to swimsuit models.

Winsol Ingredients

winsol ingredients

Winsol uses ingredients that each have an essential and specific role to play in the overall goals of the supplement.

Being all natural, Winsol provides an alternative to the popular steroid Winstrol for people who care about their health and wellbeing and do not want to deal with side effects.

Unlike many body shaping supplements out there, Winsol is suitable for both men and women to use. It can be used by people who are serious track and field athletes, or those who want to focus on their beach physique.

Each serving contains the following ingredients:

  • Acetyl l-carnitine 555 mg
  • Wild Yam Root 300 mg
  • Choline Bitartrate 300 mg
  • DMAE 150 mg
  • Safflower Oil Powder 126 mg

Acetyl L-carnitine

Acetyl L-carnitine is a compound that has a relation to B vitamins. It is a powerful antioxidant and also contributes to energy production. Importantly, it also transports fat into cells so it can be used up as energy.

Wild Yam Root

For decades many steroid drugs have been derived from wild yam root due to the presence of what are known as glycoside saponins. It is also used by athletes to reduce fatigue and lessen inflammation, including in the case of arthritis.

Importantly relating to the purpose of Winsol, Wild Yam Root also has shown to be able to help regulate hormone production.

Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate is included in the formula thanks to its benefit to increase energy. It is also known to help improve cognitive abilities.


DMAE is believed to have anti-aging benefits as well as benefits for the skin. It is an amino acid naturally produced in the brain and has another useful advantage relating to enhancing concentration and mental capacity.

Safflower Oil Powder

Thought to have positive benefits for the heart and circulatory system including artery health.

How to Take Winsol?

Take three capsules with the main meal of the day, with water. It is recommended to use the product for at least two months with a suitable exercise and diet regime for best results.

Side Effects

According to the information provided by the maker of the product, it does not come with a risk of side effects and none have been reported.

The use of only natural ingredients in the formula, and no stimulants such as caffeine, make the supplement a top choice and give you confidence that you can achieve the same results as the well-known steroid Winstrol, but without the complicated issues that come with it.

Typical Winstrol Results (Before & After)

winstrol results

Zac went from looking like a toned guy with some muscle, to a shredded as fua*k alpha male…who you wouldn’t want to mess with.

The reason why I believe Zac took winstrol was because he’s gained muscle, burned a significant amount of fat and is dryer than Gandhi’s flip flop.

…These are the 3 main characteristics of winstrol.

Not to mention his head looks a lot more cube-shaped due to a more developed jaw. This is the result of significantly elevated testosterone levels, which winstrol also causes.

I would say that Zac’s gains are pretty typical of someone using winstrol, they aren’t exceptional gains for someone on winny, nor are they poor.

Thus based on Zac’s transformation, here’s the estimated gains you can expect to make from an 8 week cycle of this steroid (during a cut):

  • Gain 5kg of lean muscle
  • Lose 4% body fat
  • Appear insanely dry

So you won’t build a tonne of muscle and you won’t drop your body fat by 50%, but what you will do is build a considerable amount of muscle and burn a considerable amount of fat. When you’re doing both of these things at the same time your body composition is going to improve pretty dramatically.

Winsol Before and After Results

winsol results

Several before and after customer photos are made available on the official website, showing the difference in body toning where you can see some significantly good results.

Additionally, customers can leave a rating and review, and the supplement currently has an almost perfect score, as well as many customer testimonials and comments.

Winsol is a potent supplement designed for people who are dedicated and serious about their body shape and appearance.

My endurance and strength have increased more than expected and I’m just feeling overall stronger and more powerful.

For best results, it must be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet and exercise routine, as it is created to supercharge your workouts and help to bring about more powerful results to what you are already achieving.

I look and feel firmer and leaner, and the fat around my belly is disappearing fast.

The fact that all of the natural ingredients have been carefully chosen based on one or more specific benefits that each can provide means that there is no filler and no dangerous or useless additives. It also means there are no side effect risks.

The combination of Wild Yam Root and Acetyl L-Carnitine as the two main active ingredients bring about unseen benefits.

My stamina is improving every day and I feel and look leaner, even though I have not changed my diet since starting this supplement along with Clenbutrol. The body fat I needed to get rid of is coming off fast so muscle tone is improving and I’m also increasing my bench weight at each workout.

The reputation of CrazyBulk is second to none, and this brings about a considerable feeling of confidence in the supplement.

Other steroids to stack with winstrol?

If you want to maximize your winstrol results, you can stack the steroid with some other awesome cutting agents.

For maximum fat loss and muscle gains during a cut, you can combine winny with:

These 3 steroids will help you build more muscle (yes, even whilst cutting), burn heaps of fat and get you extremely dry/shredded.

It’s also worth mentioning that all 4 of these cutting steroids are pretty mild, meaning you won’t experience a load of horrible side effects (like you would on other steroids *cough* *tren*).

Instead you can enjoy some fricking awesome gains, knowing you’ll still have a good bill of health at the end of your cycle.

The reason why winstrol doesn’t cause side effects fit for a nightmare, is because it doesn’t aromatize. This means estrogen levels stay in check and users don’t retain excessive fluid/water.

…Aka no gyno and no high blood pressure.

One side effect that may occur with winstrol is if you’re genetically predisposed to losing your hair; winny may speed up hair loss/thin your hair after a few cycles. However, sensitive individuals who have noticed this side effect have also reported that hair loss with winstrol may only be temporary; as their hair started to thicken again post-cycle.

This side effect happens because winstrol is an androgenic steroid and thus boosts DHT levels.

Final Verdict

Winsol is an impressive and unique supplement. We like the fact that it can not only make your body look considerably better, but also enhance your performance in the gym, the track, or in any other physical activity you do as it can give you more energy, more power, and more endurance to perform and take your results to a new level.

More than just another cutting supplement, Winsol can be used by absolutely anyone, men and women, who has a quality workout routine and is serious about transforming their body from average to amazing.

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