Anadrole Review by Crazy Bulk (Legal Alternative to Anadrol)

Anadrole is the legal version of anadrol (oxymetholone). Anadrole replicates the same muscle-building effects of anadrol, but without the harsh side effects. It’s one of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market, but many are wary of this steroid due to its high toxicity. Crazy Bulk’s anadrole formula has been approved by the FDA, meaning it’s 100% safe to use without a prescription. Thus it won’t cause the same dangerous effects as illegal anadrol (oxymetholone).

Anadrol is arguably the best bulking steroid, when it comes to sheer strength and size gains. This is a steroid that’s become more popular over the years, as bodybuilding’s evolved, helping to produce mass monster physiques. The Mr Olympia contestants you see today are almost certainly implementing anadrol into their steroid cycles; in an attempt to outmuscle fellow competitors. Simply put, you haven’t maximized your muscle-building potential, unless you’ve cycled anadrol.

Ramsford Smith has recommended Crazy Bulk’s products (including anadrole)

Unfortunately some bodybuilders still buy anadrol from the black market, where products are often tampered with, due to scammy dealers. This not only burns a hole in your wallet, but also poses a serious risk to your health. When buying from illegal sources, a bottle of anadrol, instead of being pure oxymetholone, may instead contain other ingredients (sometimes harmless, sometimes dangerous). This is so the dealer can reduce his costs and increase his profits.

The problem is, there’s very few legitimate sources which can guarantee the authenticity of their products. Fortunately, Crazy Bulk is one of these manufacturers, which is why pro bodybuilders, including Ramsford Smith (Mr Universe finalist) and Tom Coleman can vouch for their legal steroids.

bodybuilder tom coleman
Tom Coleman is a vocal supporter of Crazy Bulk (the company which manufactures anadrole)

Why Buy Anadrole From Crazy Bulk?

  • BIG Muscle Gains
  • HUGE strength gains
  • 100% LEGAL product
  • FDA approved compound
  • FREE shipping to all countries
  • No prescription needed
  • DISCREETLY packaged

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How to Use

Take 2 tablets of anadrole (anadrol) a day for 30 days. If you’d like to increase your cycle to 8 weeks, order 2 bottles at the checkout.

Swallow with water, not suitable for vegetarians or vegans. 

Side Effects

Legal anadrol (anadrole) is not toxic to the body, hence how it’s widely available to buy online and approved by health authorities. However, illegal anadrol can be very harmful to the body. Here’s why:

When taking banned oxymetholone in oral or injectable form, it’s very hepatotoxic, causing damage to the liver. It sends testosterone levels soaring (initially), spiking LDL cholesterol levels and causing strain on the heart. It can also cause bloating and significant water retention in users; in conjunction with acne, gynecomastia or/and balding. Crazy Bulk’s anadrole, will not reproduce the above side effects, thanks to its revolutionary designed formula .

Claims & Benefits

Anadrole is a natural and legal alternative to steroid you’ve probably heard about: Anadrol. It can catapult your results from average to levels you’ve only dreamed of and claims to be able to help you:

  • See extreme muscle gains and enhance stamina and strength so you can work out longer and harder
  • Quicken your post-workout recovery so you can get to your next workout sooner
  • Boost gains at the start of a cycle and increase the flow of oxygen to the muscles by enhancing red blood cell production

There are no outrageous or over-hyped claims being made about the supplement concerning the exact results you can expect to see. CrazyBulk realizes that every individual is different, and results will significantly depend upon the effort put in during workouts, as well as your diet. Anadrole has been made to enhance these things significantly.

There’s one main process that Anadrole focuses on to achieve results and that’s the increasing of the red blood cell production.

Increasing Red Blood Cell Production

The more red blood cells you have circulating, the more oxygen that can be delivered to your muscles. And more oxygen to the muscles means you have increased physical capacity to push yourself to the limit when working out.

You should be able to work out not only harder and heavier – but for longer as well. This means your gains will be coming on faster and more prominent – as long as you push yourself hard with your new found strength, stamina and power.

Increased oxygen flow also assists with muscle recovery, so you should be ready to go for your next workout sooner.

Anadrole Ingredients


Anadrole has been created with a combination of some of the very best natural ingredients that each have an essential individual part to play in the process of muscle gain, stamina, muscle recovery and oxygen flow.

The fact that there are no unnatural or unnecessary filler ingredients in the formula means that those who are concerned about their general health and consuming only safe supplements while trying to build muscle can rest easy.

Each serving contains the following ingredients:

  • Tribulus Terrestris extract 600mg
  • Whey protein concentrate 200mg
  • Soy protein isolate 200mg
  • Shilajit (Asphaltum) 100mg
  • Acetyl L-carnitine 50mg

Understanding the role each ingredient plays will help you to decide if this supplement is exactly what you need.

Tribulus Terrestris extract

One of the most potent testosterone boosters known, Tribulus Terrestris provides the most punch when it’s taken at a specific quantity – and CrazyBulk has taken scientific research into consideration to make sure the dosage of this ingredient is optimal.

The key to successful use of Tribulus Terrestris is in the dosage – too much or too little can fail to have the desired effect.

Although Anadrole isn’t a pure testosterone booster supplement, by raising your testosterone levels with this ingredient, it contributes to increasing red blood cell production. Studies have shown that testosterone can stimulate red blood cell production – which means more oxygen is going to the muscles.

Soy Protein Isolate

A highly nutritional isolated protein (which means that the protein has been isolated from other components of the soybean). As with whey, soy protein is another protein source that contributes to lean muscle mass gains.

Besides its obvious use as a protein source in Anadrole, soy protein has other benefits like contributing to a rise in growth hormone levels, with some studies showing it can also help raise nitric oxide levels which contribute to increased blood and nutrient flow to the muscles.

Whey Protein Concentrate

This is the second protein source in the formula. It digests slightly faster than soy protein. By having two different rates of digestion, soy and whey protein work together to keep up an optimal flow of amino acids to your muscles, ensuring that you’re never going without a protein source – in addition to the protein you get from your diet.


One of the lesser known ingredients, Shilajit is a natural tar-like substance from the high mountains of Asia, and it’s long been used in traditional health, particularly to enhance energy.

Concerning bodybuilding, Shilajit has been shown to assist in lowering the time required for muscle recovery by up to 50%.

It’s thought to be able to help with energy and nutrient delivery to the cells, act as a natural testosterone booster, and have potent antioxidant properties that can help with recovery and cellular damage. It’s even now thought a compound in Shilajit can help with memory and brain function.

Acetyl L-carnitine

Acetyl L-carnitine is made naturally in your body, but to get more of it you need to supplement. It helps with your brain health – which is vital if you’re to stay motivated to reach your goals.

It’s very important for breaking down fat to convert it to energy. Acetyl L-carnitine is much safer and more beneficial than plain L-Carnitine – supplementing too much of the latter can even cause a stroke or heart disease.

How to Take Anadrole?

Never exceed the dosage directions of 2 capsules per day. Always take about 20 minutes before breakfast, with water, and consider the recommended workout period of 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Does Anadrole Work?

Most of the ingredients used in the formula are well known for their benefits to serious fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts.

With each ingredient providing an individual benefit for different parts of the muscle building process, they all have an important role to play in the end goal of this bodybuilding supplement – to provide extreme muscle gains and rapid workout recovery.

The combination of whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate provides a very potent protein mix. Being the building blocks of muscles, these two protein sources combined give a very powerful effect on the body.

Additionally, using the almost secret yet potent ingredient of Shilajit means that an essential part of the muscle building process is seriously addressed in the product – recovery.

It’s working well for me, with my bench weight increasing by about 25% and my energy an stamina is up. Recovery times are down considerably.

When the muscles can recover faster after an intense workout, you can get into your next workout sooner. This can quickly lead to a rapid increase in the number and intensity of your workouts each week; resulting in considerably faster gains.

Having gained about 10 pounds so far in about three weeks of use. Arms are noticeable bigger and I’m dropping fat around the mid section a lot faster than I used to. Also feeling less sore after workouts so I’m able to push myself harder.

The ingredients all have a specific and vital purpose, and all work together to achieve the desired outcome of mega muscle mass increases.

Anadrole is receiving exceptionally positive reviews from people who have been using it. This is excellent news and lets me know that if you put in the hard work and dedication, this is a supplement that CAN deliver on the promised results.

Anadrol Gains


Anadrole has successfully reproduced the gains of anadrol for several users, hence its excellent 4.3 star rating on the Crazy Bulk website.

Anadrol can help users gain 20-30lbs during their first cycle. After a few cycles this can soon add up to 50lbs. Most of this will be in the form of lean muscle tissue, in conjunction with some water weight.

Note: These expected results are just a rough guide. Genetics, training and diet can affect whether this value is higher or lower than average. Also if you stack anadrol with other steroids, you may gain more than this. 

There’s no need for a PCT when cycling Crazy Bulk’s anadrole, as it won’t shut down your body and make you catabolic post-cycle. This is the opposite when taking banned anadrol, which will shut you down hard. As a result users can experience low testosterone levels for several months until their natural production recovers. This is a huge plus with anadrole, where your libido and sexual performance will stay intact.

Anadrole Alternatives

The two alternative options to Anadrole that we’ll be looking at here are Decaduro, and Trenorol.

1. Decaduro

Decaduro is designed to be alternative to the steroid Deca-Durabolin.

Here’s a summary of the main differences between Decaduro and Anadrole:

  • Decaduro costs a little more per bottle than Anadrole
  • They share two similar ingredients (Tribulus and Acetyl L-carnitine), but Decaduro otherwise has a very different formula making use of extracts like wild yam and ginseng
  • Decaduro focuses on increasing red blood cells, but also on additional processes to deliver massive gains, like nitrogen retention

However, one of the significant advantages that Anadrole has is that results can be seen in as little as two weeks, while it can take up to 30 days to see results with Decaduro.

Decadurabolin Alternative
Decaduro By Crazy Bulk
  • Noticeably increases strength and power, massive muscle gains
  • Greatly increases recovery times after workouts
  • Reduction of body fat without losing muscle, tendon and joint pain relief

2. Trenorol

Trenorol is an alternative to a different steroid: Trenbolone. To mimic this steroid, Trenorol uses completely different ingredients to Anadrole and has a focus on helping the muscle retain more nitrogen, compared with Anadrole which is designed primarily to help with red blood cell production.

Both can lead to massive gains, and CrazyBulk makes both supplements. Trenorol is considered a more versatile and general supplement, while Anadrole is a more hardcore muscle-focused supplement.

Trenorol cost is slightly more than Anadrole per bottle. The good news is that these two supplements can be stacked together so you can compound upon the benefits of both.

Anadrole Review by Crazy Bulk (Legal Alternative to Anadrol)
Trenbolone Alternative
Trenorol By Crazy Bulk
  • Formulated to promote increased nitrogen in the muscle tissue and to enhance vascularity by increasing production of red blood cells
  • Recreates the effects of Trenbolone – extreme muscle, strength and power gains
  • Safe to use formula, suitable for both bulking and cutting cycles

What to Stack Anadrol With?

Anadrole Review by Crazy Bulk (Legal Alternative to Anadrol)

Anadrole (anadrol) is perfect for any bodybuilder who’s bulking. It can be stacked with either or all of the following legal steroids:

  • D-Bal (dianabol)
  • Testo-Max (sustanon 250)
  • Decaduro (deca durabolin)
  • Trenorol (trenbolone)

You can get all of the above steroids in Crazy Bulk’s bulking stack. Stacking these with anadrole is the best way to maximize your muscle gains as much as possible during a cycle. By stacking compounds like this, each will be working synergistically to create an incredibly anabolic environment for your body.

With the addition of Testo-Max (sustanon 250) and Trenorol (trenbolone), you’ll also experience some fat loss during your bulking cycle.

Final Verdict

It’s not often the case that a product can live up to all the claims made about it. But upon looking closely at the ingredients list, and noting the number of positive reviews and experiences that customers have been sharing online, Anadrole does seem to be able to deliver on its promises.

As you can see, Anadrole has some serious competition from other supplements, but none deliver quite the same formula with the same goals like this one. This makes Anadrole a unique product suitable for you if you’re searching for the potent effects of Anadrol without side effects.

Whether you want to boost your muscle gains fast, improve recovery times, enhance your stamina – or just all of the above, then Anadrole provides the all-around ability to help you to start reaching these goals, provided you stick to your workout and diet program.

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Anadrol Alternative By Crazy Bulk

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