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Advanced Muscle Science – Pump Fixx Review


I was lucky enough to keep a supplement log of Advanced Muscle Science – PUMP FIXX.  I read over a lot of reviews out there and got many mixed views.  AMS mentions to “Get ready for jaw dropping pumps”.  On their site they give users a 4 week layout of what to expect.  In week 4 this is what they say you will experience:

“The massive pumps just won’t go away. You are so swole that you don’t want to go off of this stuff.  It’s fine to buy another bottle and go on, but just take two weeks off between cycles. The rock hard density and road map veins that you have always wanted are now yours! Enjoy the extra attention you are going to get!”

I read the 4 week plan and was excited and ready on my way to density and vascularity.  It was perfect timing when I received my pump fixx because I had just started to prepare for my back/bi’s workout.  First thing I noticed was the dose it asked for.  It told me to just take one scoop the first time trying it but I never listen.  I took two scoops and the first thing I noticed was how easy it was to mix in the water.  It foamed a little but its obvious a pre workout supp you don’t want to shake.  The taste wasn’t the best either.  It kind of tasted like a strawberry cough syrup, but taste isn’t why I buy a pre-workout supp.  The main thing is that it works.  Within minutes of taking it I began to feel the energy hit me while on my way to the gym.  I thought I had 30 minutes before it kicked in but it ended up hitting me within 10 minutes. I was stoked.  I could feel that tingling sensation under my skin, and my ears felt slightly warm.  It didn’t worry me,  I thought it was cool.

Throughout the whole workout I was adding weight as well as reps to every exercise.  My focus was to kill it in the weight room and I felt like I could just keep going on my workouts.  My muscles felt full of blood and I was experiencing an awesome pump.  As with most pre-workout supps, it comes along with a  crash after you workout.  With pump fixx there was no crash after.  There was just more energy going.  It was a great start to the journey.

Workout to workout I felt the same energy as before.  I do have to mention that the effects weren’t as up to par with what the 4 week plan mentioned.  But the main thing was that I was still feeling great energy as well as muscle pumps.  By the second week I started to take 3 scoops.  The thing about 3 scoops is that you have to stir it really slowly and not put too much water.  Dissolve most of the powder and then add more water if you want. The first time I mixed 3 scoops in this glass and stirred it up the foam built up so fast and started to spill over.  Then it takes a little while for the foam to go down.  Your best bet is to just put your 3 scoops add water and wait until it stops fizzing and then stir slowly.  The powder dissolves very well.

Final Thoughts on Pump Fixx

Overall, I had a great experience with Pump Fixx. If you are looking for something that tastes good then this is probably not for you.  But if you want something that is effective and works then this is something that you may want to try.  Just like any supp, some may work better for others.  Pump Fixx is a great product for me and I’ve already purchased another with the addition of their Hyper Trop-X

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