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Michelle is a Registered Dietitian and yoga teacher with a passion for all things running, wellness and supplements related!

personalized vitamins

Are Personalized Vitamins Worth It?

Personalized vitamins are vitamins that are customized to your health based on a questionnaire, health conditions or blood or genetic test. So, are personalized vitamins worth it?

Gundry MD Review

Gundry MD is a lifestyle brand founded by Dr Gundry and has their main focus on protecting and enhancing the gut.

Thorne Research Review

Thorne Research was established over thirty years ago and specializes in dietary supplements as well as health tests to help you uncover what your body is missing and what nutrients it needs.

Nootropics Depot Review

Nootropics Depot specializes in…. (drumroll) Nootropics, yes you guessed right. They are an online vender based in Arizona that features a wide range of Nootropics as well as dietary supplements from leading manufacturers including, Nammex, Verdure Sciences, Embria Health Science and Ixoreal Biomed.

Double Wood Supplements Review

We review the Double Wood Supplements Brand, look at their top products and compare them to competing brands to see how they fair.

What are Peptides

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the word peptide thrown around, maybe it was