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22 Deadlifting Training and Technique Tips

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Rounded back. Start with a lower back arch and try not to round your back when deadlifting.

No jerking. The best way to prevent the strain from jerking is to make sure your arms are completely locked when starting the deadlift. If they are not, a chain reaction will ensue resulting in bad form.

Raising hips. Concentrate on keeping your hips in the same position as you deadlift. Many deadlifters have a tendency of lifting their hips after initially jerking the weight off the floor. Raising the hips turns the deadlift into a lower back lift.

Heels. As you lift, press down with your heels. Do not deadlift from the balls of your feet.

Fall back. As you lift the weight, concentrate on falling back and/or pulling the bar back.

Knees. Try to keep your knees in the same position as you lift. Do not move them in or out.

Head. Do not look to the left or right when deadlifting. Messing around like this can result in a bad neck strain.

Shoes. Wear Chuck Taylor’s. No thick bottom exercise shoes, or running shoes. You need a thin, flat shoe for deadlifting.

Mirrors. Avoid deadlifting in front of a mirror. Even the slightest stance adjustment to watch yourself can cause injury.

Gloves. No weightlifting gloves allowed. Gloves decrease grip potential by making the bar virtually bigger.

Lowering. Always lower the bar with a flat back.

Collars. Never deadlift without some form of collar to hold the weight in place. Sliding weights produce injuries.

Strict Form. Train with strict form at all times.

High reps. Higher rep deadlfit sets can be dangerous, simply because as you muscles fatigue, form goes to hell. At all times, focus yourself before each rep. Proper form trumps set cadence.

Advanced training techniques. Do NOT perform negative reps, forced reps, etc. when training the deadlift.

Heavy training. It is very easy to overtrain the deadlift. Do not train heavy all the time.

Shoulder blades. Do not lift with the shoulder blades tight together.

Shoulders. Keep your shoulders behind the bar at all times.

Eyes up. Do not look down when deadlifting. Your body will follow your eyes. Nor do you want to look straight up at the ceiling. Focus your eyes slightly below the ceiling of the far wall.

Low hips. Do not start with your hips too low. Proper hip positioning takes practice. Watch videos of seasoned lifters.

Head. Lead the lift with your head. Visualize yourself being tugged upwards by a rope on top of your head, as if you were a puppet.

Glutes. Keep your glutes squeezed tight.

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  • Mr A Jul 30,2011 at 7:36 am

    I always get collar bone pain doing deads. Thanks for these tips.

  • pizza1337 Mar 15,2010 at 8:14 pm

    good post, this helps a lot.
    I started deadlifting few weeks a go.

  • Steve Shaw Jul 22,2009 at 11:06 pm

    murugan…for tips and advice, please visit the forum.

  • murugan Jul 22,2009 at 9:48 am

    i want how to i pracvtise a dead lit and power lifting give answer please and give schedule

  • Steve Shaw | Muscle and Brawn. Jun 11,2009 at 12:25 pm

    […] –22 Deadlifting Training and Technique Tips […]

  • Steve Jan 12,2009 at 10:15 pm

    I never deadlifted until last year, and now I couldn’t live without it. I posted some setup videos in the forum…

    The second one is of great help.

  • Wild at Heart Jan 12,2009 at 8:58 pm

    This is a great list! The deadlift take lots of time and practicing with lighter weights to learn proper form. Most people stick to one type of training for about 6 weeks before they get bored and move on, this is barely enough time to develop a solid deadlifting program. I really like the deadlift for the safety factor. while you can hurt your back, you won’t get crushed if you get tired and have bad form like with the squat. It sounds like you’ve read pavel’s book “power to the people” where his core workout consisted of bench press, and deadlift each day to “grease the grooves”.

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