21 Tips For The Fat & Out Of Shape 40 Year Old

Updated July 2, 2020

Hi. I am John Cintron and this was me 20 months ago.

I am a regular guy who has trained since I was 13 in either bodybuilding and Martial Arts. You would think with all this experience I must have been in great shape my entire life. WRONG!

All those years I trained wrong and wasted tons of money on magazines and supplements. At the age of 42, after cochlear ear surgery, and after getting fat because I was not able to train for a while, I decided to get into my best shape, become a personal trainer and start my own company.

Here is my list of things to do that will help you get in shape without making the same mistakes I made for many years.


1. Get a physical, if you are not healthy it doesn’t matter. I get a physical every year I don’t ever want to be on medication. Tell your Dr. You are going to start exercising and get the green light to train from him.

2. Define your goal bodybuilding, power lifting, strongman, Athlete or in my case Power Athlete it can be just to be in shape as well.

3. Take a picture from front, side and back, weigh yourself and record it now forget the scale. It does more bad than good.

4. What equipment or tools do you need for training, do you need a coach?. It’s always good to have a coach or coaches. I always seek to learn something new I never want to stop making gains.

5. One big excuse I hear is: “I don’t have time or money”. Well I achieved all my goals so far training from home with very little equipment. I also am a single father, work and run my own business. The time it would take me to go to the gym and back I use to crush my workouts.

6. Stop looking for a magical piece of equipment. I look at everything as a tool it can be bodyweight, sandbags, kettlebells, bands, yoga, barbells and dumbbells they all have their place.

7. Choose exercises that give you a greater value. I don’t do crunches or situps. I do total body work that makes all my muscles work. Abs are made in the kitchen through proper eating and supplementation. I use iHerb supplements successfully and recommend them to all my friends. If you live in Hong Kong like me, to view the latest iHerb HK promo codes, click here.

8. Train for performance and you will make more progress.

9. Everyone wants instant results and does too much too soon. Slow steady progress over time leads to big results. You did not get out of shape instantly don’t expect yourself to get back in shape instantly.

10. Do not compare yourself to anyone except yourself. We are all put together differently.

11. The mirror does not lie if you are eating bad, not training or sleeping correctly you will see it in the mirror.

12. You need to build muscle while dropping bodyfat. You need to get strong at bodyweight strength this means to do pushups, pullups, dips, bench, shoulder press , squat and deadlift your own weight if you can’t lift or support your own weight, you are weak. After this its 1.5 your own weight than 2 times your bodyweight. You should build muscle.

13. Do not forget the mobilty work before training to loosen your body and breakdown cortisol to help prevent injury and generate more power

14. Do not train more than three times a week at first. You need to build your body slow and let it repair properly.

15. Being really sore for days does not mean it was a good workout, It means you broke muscle tissue and did not eat and sleep enough hours to give your body time to grow stronger.

16. Every 4 weeks take a deload week where you train with less poundage. To let your body heal if not 100% healed, this will help a lot in the long run don’t overlook this. You can’t go hard every workout.

17. Change workouts and the equipment you use every month not letting your body adapt will give you greater gains. It only has to be a couple of exercises you change not everything

18. Eat good food. Food is most important. Eggs, turkey, chicken and lean beef once a week and only vegetable carbs like sweet potatoes, and plenty of greens, the greener the better. The carbohydrates should be taken in larger quantity post workout so your body absorbs them for muscle recuperation. Fruit is high in sugar and keeps you fat. I don’t eat fruit if you need fruit have a little after working out because your body will absorb I prefer eating sweet potatoes instead. Only drink water to keep body and muscles hydrated as well as flushing toxins from your liver to cause more fat loss.

19. Have a cheat day once a week, don’t go to a party and be grumpy. Your body will get adjusted to how you eat and try to stop burning fat. That is the leptin hormone telling your body to stop trying to use fat as fuel and store it instead. By eating like this it tricks body into thinking you are off your diet. The next day you go back to eating healthy and training and your body drops more fat. So you eat 90% good 10% bad.

20. Supplements only work when your diet is clean. You don’t need fancy names bcaa, creatine, glutamine and zma are good basics. You can add a few others but I will leave that for future article.

21. Why listen to me? I am not a pro bodybuilder or athlete. I am a regular guy with so so genetics just a good plan and hard work.

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