106 Lifting And Nutrition Myths That Must Die!

The following training and nutrition myths were contributed by the Muscle and Brawn forum. Let us know which you agree with, and which you don’t in the comments section below.

  1. Creatine is a steroid.
  2. Parallel squats are bad for your knees.
  3. Magic workout programs exist.
  4. Weight lifting stunts growth.
  5. You can’t eat fruit while trying to lose fat.
  6. More than 30 grams of protein is a waste.
  7. Carbs make you fat.
  8. Deadlifts are bad for your back.
  9. Cardio is required to lose fat.
  10. Studies have all the answers!
  11. Using methods that have worked for countless lifters, for decades proven debunked by studies is BRO Science!
  12. “This one weird trick” works.
  13. Supplements are magic.
  14. I run, so I do not need to train legs.
  15. Don’t eat before going to sleep, it will turn to fat.
  16. Insulin makes you fat.
  17. High-fructose corn syrup makes you fat.
  18. You can’t overeat protein.
  19. Soy protein increases your femininity (a la estrogen).
  20. You need protein and carbs immediately after lifting.
  21. Whole eggs raise your cholesterol levels.
  22. Fish thins your skin.
  23. Not masturbating increases testosterone levels.
  24. Egg yolks are bad for you.
  25. Slow reps are better since you get time under tension.
  26. Any cardio will kill your gains.
  27. You can use high reps to “tone” muscle.
  28. All that matters for fat loss is calories in vs. calories out.
  29. LISS cardio is useless.
  30. Women shouldn’t lift heavy.
  31. There is a perfect ab exercise that you’ve been missing.
  32. Muscle confusion must be practiced.
  33. Sex the night before training makes you weak.
  34. Lean muscle in a bottle? Get 6 pack abs in just 1 month with these 2 muscle supplements that celebrities use.
  35. The words “has been clinically proven to” are accurate.
  36. This is true: learn how to multiply your gains ten-fold just by using this one weird trick.
  37. You can see a drastic increase in your maxes in a week or two.
  38. Eating 2000 cals/day is enough.
  39. You can put on massive amounts of muscle without adding fat.
  40. You can “turn fat into muscle”.
  41. High reps to tone/sculpt and low reps to bulk/gain strength.
  42. Fat makes you fat.
  43. Keep it up and you’ll go blind.
  44. Supplement bottle claims are all true.
  45. Big delts equates to not natural.
  46. Don’t lock out your bench, it will destroy your joints.
  47. You have to hit the muscle from all angles to maximize growth.
  48. Whey protein is hard on the liver.
  49. To isolate the chest when benching your arms shouldn’t go less than parallel with the ground.
  50. Squats give you big biceps.
  51. You can spot reduce fat.
  52. (Insert name here) IFBB bodybuilder is natural.
  53. Roid rage is real.
  54. Velvet deer antler spray is real life.
  55. Prohormones aren’t steroids.
  56. Tricep kickbacks are a great finisher.
  57. Fish oil will make you lose weight.
  58. You should lift in running shoes.
  59. All personal trainers know what they are doing.
  60. Doctors are a good source of fitness and weightlifting information.
  61. Eating frequently will stoke the metabolic flame and make you burn more fat.
  62. You shouldn’t lift fasted.
  63. Squats are bad for your knees.
  64. You can’t squat and deadlift in the same workout.
  65. Creatine conjugates other than monohydrate are just as good or better.
  66. 8-12 reps for hypertrophy.
  67. Straps reduce deadlift grip strength.
  68. Low bar is better than high bar and vice versa.
  69. Conventional is better than sumo and vice versa.
  70. If you’ve competed in a bodybuilding contest, your metabolism is broken.
  71. FRAN times matter.
  72. Men’s Physique IFBB Division athletes DO train legs.
  73. Low reps don’t build muscle!
  74. Full body routines are only suited for beginners.
  75. You should change your training program at least every 4-8 weeks for optimal results.
  76. Muscles can be confused.
  77. Weightlifting doesn’t provide cardiovascular benefits.
  78. Lifting automatically makes you bulky.
  79. You can shape your muscles with special exercises.
  80. If you didn’t get a pump your workout was worthless.
  81. Weightlifting stunts a teen’s growth.
  82. 5×5 programs are only for those focused on strength only.
  83. Everyone bigger and stronger than you in the gym knows more than you.
  84. Ab work is useless if you’re doing squats and deadlifts.
  85. Steroids are magic and all you have to do is take them and your body transforms instantly.
  86. Training one body part for 3 hours absolutely demolishing it is the only way to make it grow.
  87. Saturated fat/red meat is bad for you.
  88. There’s a post workout “anabolic” window.
  89. Westside method works for EVERYONE even if they don’t lift geared.
  90. Having visible abs is an accurate judge of someone’s fitness/strength.
  91. If you lift heavy you’ll get fat.
  92. Weight training, especially heavy, is bad for your joints, heart, brain, skin, etc.
  93. [name any OTC supplement] is as good as AAS.
  94. Grip work is useless.
  95. Women don’t notice calf muscles.
  96. Creatine is hard on the kidneys.
  97. You can only absorb 30g of protein at a time.
  98. You can overtrain with less than 2 hrs of hard training 6 days a week.
  99. Planet Fitness is a gym.
  100. If you dont have DOM’s the next day, your workout was unproductive.
  101. Progression is not needed, once the weight feels “easy” it means you are getting stronger.
  102. That routine I read about in the muscle mag has to work…after all, it’s in a muscle mag.
  103. That routine I read on the internet must be the best…after all, is its on the internet, it must be true!
  104. This new supplement most work, after all, the ad in this muscle mag says it will, and truth in advertising laws prohibit companies from lying.
  105. Don’t combine carbs and fats in one meal.
  106. Dextrose is the “ultimate” post-workout carb.
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