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Wood Chop

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Begin by attaching the single handle to a high pulley machine. Next, grab the handle with both hands, however you can comfortably. Next, position your feet shoulder width apart and you should you should be standing perpendicular to the machine. Bring the weight to your shoulder that is closest to the cable machine. Now, pull the weight down and across your body towards your opposite knee. Keep your arms extended throughout the movement and focus on only twisting with your abdominals. Slowly return the weight to the starting position and then repeat by turning around and twisting in the opposite direction.

You should feel this exercise working your abs; if you do not feel it, you are doing something wrong. Make sure to keep your arms extended, and only twist through your torso.

Wood Chop Exercise Information
Muscle Group: Abs
Secondary Muscles: Shoulders
Movement Group: Compound Exercise
Required Equipment: High Pulley Cable Machine

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