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Wide Grip Seated Pulley Rows

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Attach a wide grip bar to the low pulley machine and then sit down on the machine. Next, reach forward and grab the handle with a double overhand grip that is wider than shoulder width. Now, lean back until your torso is straight up and your back has a slight arch in it, push your chest out to create the arch; the weight should be off the stack. Now, keep your torso still and pull the straight into your body until it nearly touches your body in the middle of your torso. You should drive your elbows straight back and try to touch your elbows behind your back by squeezing your shoulder blades together. . Then, return the weight to the starting position without allowing your torso to be pulled forward.

Wide Grip Seated Pulley Rows Exercise Information
Muscle Group: Back
Secondary Muscles: Biceps and Forearms
Movement Group: Compound Exercise
Required Equipment: Low Pulley Machine

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