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Strongmen and Powerlifters: What’s In Your Gym Bag?

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Wraps (Heavy Duty support for the joints and muscles to stay safe when dealing with heavy poundage)

  • Wrist Wrap Bands (Simple Velcro and off)
  • Power Wrist Wraps (Come in 12′, 20′ or 36′)
  • Knee Wraps (2.0 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters)
  • Elbow Wraps (2, 2.5 Meters)

Sleeves (To warm up/support the muscle and joints*Can come in Neoprene, 1 ply, double ply, or rubber)

  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Forearm
  • Calves
  • Ankles

Belts (Important for protecting your spine and posterior chain from injury)

  • Tapered Leather Belt (The thicker the better)
  • Power-lifter Thick Belt (8mm, 10-11mm, 12-13mm, Single prong, Double Prong, Lever)
  • Strongman Rehband Belt (72cm-110cm, pricey but well worth the support and mobility for strongman)
  • Spud 3 ply Dead-lift Belt


Shoes (Important for ankle protection and ground stability)

  • Olympic Shoes (Great for Squats and Overhead Pressing)
  • Hi-Top Chuck Taylors (The Universal Powerlifting Shoe, Great for Squats and Perfect for Deadlifts)
  • Wrestling Shoes (Similar to Converse)
  • Running Shoes
  • Hiking/Climbing Shoes (Great for events that require dragging or traction on the ground in slippery grass such as tire flipping)
  • Deadlift Slippers
  • Deadlift Shoes
  • Non Slip Steel Toe Boots (Great for heavy car/truck pulls)

Food/Supplements (Important to refuel and get that extra edge)

  • Spare Protein Bars
  • Water
  • Gatorade/Pedialyte
  • Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwiches
  • Banana’s
  • Caffeine Pills
  • Potassium Pills
  • Trail Mix

First Aid

  • Blue Lotion/Icy Hot/Ben Gay
  • Neosporin/Antibiotic Ointment
  • Cotton gauze, Band aids
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Medical tape
  • New Skin
  • Vitamins A & D cream


Strongman Stuff

  • Tacky jar (sticky tree sap goo for lifting stones)
  • Pine Tar Rag
  • WD4*
  • Canola Oil*
  • Baby Oil*
  • Small Towel*
  • Duct Tape

*Used for Tacky Removal*

Extra Stuff

  • Chalk ( Magnesium Carbonate)
  • Foam Roller Half
  • Travel Stick
  • Ammonia Caps/ Nose Tork
  • Baby Powder

Extra Clothes

  • Singlet (For Powerlifting)
  • Neoprene Compression shorts
  • I’ll pump you up T- shirt
  • Deadlift Socks
  • Clean Pair of Shorts
  • Spare pair of underwear/Diapers* Only for HARDCORE LIfters* (Then again real men go commando!)


Fat Gripz

FatGripz is a rubber attachment that you can slip onto any barbell or dumbbell in the gym, which will instantaneously make it 2.25-2.75 inches thicker. Powerlifters and bodybuilders use this attachment to improve their grip strength and to increase muscle activation during exercises.

Grip strength is often underappreciated by bodybuilders, and improving that alone can result in smashing new PRs on new compound lifts, especially deadlifts.

First of all lifting heavy weights will become more difficult, however once you spend a few months using FatGripz on all exercises (or big compound lifts), your strength will go through the roof – and you’ll be challenging anyone to an arm wrestle.

FatGripz is just a brand of these thick rubber attachments, you can choose another brand – however these are the ones I’ve used to great effect. 

Body By Gamma
Tony E, also known as Body by Gamma, Has competed in over 15 Strongman/Powerlifting competitions. Best lifts include 360lbs stone, 300lbs Overhead Press, 350 Competition Bench, 525 Competition Squat, 405 Zombie Squat and 630lbs Deadlift. .For more information on Body by gamma, please visit Tony's blog or Youtube channel.

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