What to Do When Your Bench Press Total is Decreasing

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Over at Discuss Bodybuilding, they are exploring what you can do if you are experiencing a decrease in your bench press poundage…

“That could be so many things. Are you eating the same or more than before? Are you supps the same? Are you getting the same amount of rest? Are you lifting at the same time of day? Did you change your program? Are you benching too much? Have you added in other activities?” – rippedchick

“Try something totally new: Negatives, Superset pushups between bench sets, Pre-Exhaust with a set of pushups or two, Switch off to dumbbells and then go back…” – PearlJammer919

“You may be exhausted. If you’ve changed your training principles lately change them back. Whatever it is you’re trying isn’t working.” – MVP

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