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What Drives You Insane at the Gym?


What drives you insane at the gym? Anabolic Minds is exploring that very question…

The guy with his girlfriend that hug and smile and kiss and giggle at each other, especially when he is wearin an ed hardy shirt with his fitted hat tilted to the side.
When nasty mother truckers are sitting in the steam room butt naked and shaving with that menthol smelling stuff on top of that. That’s when I want to loose my religion and tell them about their selves.

When someone comes over and asks how many sets you have left and then just stand there really close starring at you. One ******* actually commented a second time asking how long I was gonna take when I was obviously resting in between.

All the “fighters” That do a curl, half squat or half bench press and then start throwing kicks and punches at the mirrors.

People who try and circuit train when the weight room has a lot of people and get upset when someone moves in on a piece of equipment once they left it.

People who bring their bag in, and carry it around with them like a purse. I had some guy with a hockey bag no less, sitting on the LatPD machine, searching through this massive bag for CDs to switch out of his CD-Discman. He was out-of-shape, wearing tapered track pants, gloves on, w/ a trucker hat backwards. I was so stunned “Move man, c’mon” just blurted out of my mouth.

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  • eihwaz Mar 17,2011 at 12:42 am

    I hate people who thinks isolation exercises are the best thing to train hard…If I wanna train hard I do full squats or deadlifts

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