Want $100-200 in Free Supplements?

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Want $100-200 in free supplements? Come and get it! Muscle and Brawn is giving away supplement cash. Here is how you collect:

Run a Log. Run a supplement or training log in the forum, and receive $20 in free supplements.  Offer available every 6 months, which means you can earn $40 a year in free supplements. Click here for more details.

Refer a friend. Registered forum members receive $10 in free supplements each time a referred friend runs a successful log in the forum.  How many people can you refer? There is no limit! Refer four friend, and earn $40 in free supplements. Click here for more details.

Post in the Forum. The Muscle and Brawn forum rewards frequent posting in the forum store. Over the course of a year, it is possible to earn $60-75 – or more – in forum cash. Forum cash can be used to buy supplements, prohormones, and much more.

Write Articles. Muscle and Brawn accepts articles on any subject related to fitness, diet and training. For every 400+ word article that Muscle and Brawn accepts, you will receive $10 in free supplements. Write one article every 2 months, and you can earn $60 in free supplements over the course of a year. Click here for more details.

Conclusion. So there you have it. Muscle and Brawn is offering you free supplement cash. Please stop by the forum and register today. What are you waiting for…???

Want $100-200 in Free Supplements?, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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