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vitakicBuilding massive amounts of muscle is in many ways like constructing a house. It all starts with a proper foundation. If you really want to pack slabs of granite-hard muscle onto your frame, all of your nutrient bases need to be covered. Obviously this means consuming large amounts of ultra-high-quality protein along with key carbohydrates and essential fats. But just as importantly, laying the proper foundation starts with using an advanced micronutrient multivitamin complex.

Countless bodybuilders have overlooked the critical importance of this for anabolism and muscle growth. However, thanks to the latest innovation straight from Team MuscleTech™ headquarters, a new breed of musclebuilder is born.

Why Anabolic Vitakic Kicks the Hell Out of Mass-Market Multivitamins

What makes the Anabolic Vitakic™ formula so effective is its key anabolically charged musclebuilding compound. Industry-leading Team MuscleTech scientists knew how effective this key ingredient was for building muscle. A precise portion of a key anabolically charged musclebuilding compound in anabolic Vitakic is nanoparticulated for lightning-fast delivery!

This component actually targets intramuscular processes to quickly drive up muscle growth and strength! That’s right! Not only will your specific micronutrient needs be covered, but Anabolic Vitakic forces you to build more muscle, in a fraction of the time!

A New Breed of Multivitamin

You already know that taking a multivitamin every day is a smart choice. That’s why Anabolic Vitakic is designed to deliver a cutting-edge micronutrient multivitamin complex specifically for hard-training bodybuilders. This complex includes multiple key micronutrients that protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals, making it extremely beneficial to bodybuilders. In addition, Anabolic Vitakic is dosed with a key musclebuilding compound, forging the foundation for explosive muscle growth!

Why You’ll Want to Experience Anabolic Vitakic for Yourself

With Anabolic Vitakic, your micronutrient needs will be covered, while at the same time a key musclebuilding compound will ensure you continue to build more muscle. What’s more, a precise portion of this powerful key ingredient will be hyper-shuttled to your muscles via a pharmaceutically inspired delivery technology! Engineered for bodybuilders, Anabolic Vitakic is a potent anabolic combination of over 100 micronutrients, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, coenzymes, trace elements and essential vitamins and minerals!

It took a potent combination of over 100 micronutrients, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, coenzymes, trace elements and essential vitamins and minerals before Team MuscleTechâ„¢ researchers were satisfied that Anabolic Vitakic was up to their highest standards. Now, IFBB pros like Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and David Henry are choosing this revolutionary formula. In fact, the Anabolic Vitakic formula is so powerful that bodybuilders everywhere will be using it to build a ton of muscle!

Once again, the science of bodybuilding has changed forever. Years of research, multiple proprietary blends and industry-leading technology have led to the creation of the world’s most hardcore musclebuilding micronutrient multivitamin complex ever! So if you want to accelerate your muscle growth faster than you ever thought possible, you need the World’s Most Hardcore Musclebuilding Micronutrient Multivitamin Complex scientifically engineered for today’s bodybuilders – Anabolic Vitakic™. Here’s why.

Covering Your Nutrient Bases to Maximize Muscle Growth

As a hardcore bodybuilder, you do everything that you possibly can to maximize muscle growth every day. You pound back tons of protein and organize your day around balls-to-the-wall training sessions. So why then are your muscles not growing as fast as they should? The answer may be this: your body’s biochemical and intramuscular mechanisms aren’t being maximized. But, Team MuscleTech™ researchers have set out to solve that problem. The Anabolic Vitakic™ micronutrient multivitamin formula contains a potent, anabolically charged ingredient that builds muscle! In fact, Team MuscleTech researchers have integrated this key scientifically researched ingredient into each dosage of Anabolic Vitakic to help maximize muscle growth and strength.

Rapid Delivery Technology for Powerful Musclebuilding Effects

This state-of-the-art complex not only addresses bodybuilders’ micronutrient needs, but also includes an advanced musclebuilding component that targets intramuscular processes that initiate rapid muscle growth! This formula is so bleeding-edge that it’s protected by seven U.S. patents and utilizes a pharmaceutically inspired delivery technology. Employing this novel technology and rapidly delivering powerful musclebuilding effects, Anabolic Vitakic – the World’s Most Hardcore Musclebuilding Micronutrient Multivitamin Complex – is finally here!

Industry-leading supplement researchers from Team MuscleTech have known the amazing musclebuilding benefits of Anabolic Vitakic’s key musclebuilding compound for years. They’ve spent years of exhaustive collaborative research behind the secured walls of Team MuscleTech headquarters methodically scouring the latest cutting-edge nutraceutical science to make sure their research was ironclad. But they were never satisfied, until now! Team MuscleTech researchers have revealed a breakthrough innovation that will change the face of the bodybuilding industry forever! Team MuscleTech researchers actually found a way to rapidly deliver an anabolic, micronutrient-treated complex in Anabolic Vitakic to your muscles at the cellular level!

Diverse in chemical structure and function, micronutrients are essential dietary elements that are required by the body for optimal function and performance. Of course, Team MuscleTech researchers knew this. The result of their painstaking efforts is the creation of the world’s most hardcore musclebuilding micronutrient multivitamin complex – Anabolic Vitakic! This groundbreaking formula is engineered with a potent combination of over 100 micronutrients, powerful antioxidants, amino acids, coenzymes, trace elements and essential vitamins and minerals. It’s also supercharged with a key musclebuilding agent that serves to promote muscle growth by influencing intramuscular processes that radically optimize muscle cell recovery and accelerate protein synthesis. With this new supplement breakthrough, Team MuscleTech researchers have once again forced the science of musclebuilding to be rewritten.

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  • ZZman Jun 16,2010 at 11:15 pm

    Not much to say here. I think it’s a good mutli. Maybe a little over the top with some of the ingredients, but it definitely supplies the essential micronutrients that you might be missing out on if your diet isn’t perfect.

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