Twisting Cable Crunch

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Place a rope attachment on the high pulley of a cable machine and then select the appropriate weight. It is better to start light on this movement and perform it correctly than it is to use heavier weights. Stand in front of the cable machine facing away from the machine and grab the rope attachment. Hold the weight and drop to your knees. Bring your hands down to either side of your head near your ears. Now, crunch down with a twisting motion by bringing your elbow to your opposite knee. And then return to the starting position and perform with your opposite arm.

Make sure to sit your butt back onto your knees so that you do not use your hips to crunch the weight. Focus on your abs pulling the weight, do not rotate at the hip.

Twisting Cable Crunch Exercise Information
Muscle Group: Obliques
Secondary Muscles: Abs
Movement Group: Isolation Exercise
Required Equipment: High Pulley Cable machine

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