Tricky Jackson on MHP

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Bodybuilder Tricky Jackson speaking about his affiliation with supplement company MHP, as told to Muscle and Brawn…

I have been with MHP now for about 8 years.  I won a contest they were having where I had to write a 500 word essay on why I chose to be a bodybuilder. Winning this contest landed me a supplement contract in (I think it was) 2001. At that time I began using MHP products.

My favorites then – and still today – have been Trac and Secretagogue. I used these to product and they helped catapult me from the welterweight class to the middle weight class.  As I gained size, I felt that I could not take in enough protein to maintain my added muscle.

Then MHP came up with Probolic, a sustained release protein powder where the aminos acids are slow released into the blood stream for a steady supply of protein to the muscle.  This kept me in a positive nitrogen which not only helped keep muscle but before I know it- I had moved to the top of the middle weight class and actually turned  pro in the middles in 2005.

I know that the sustained release formula of both the Trac and the addition of the Probolic were instrumental in my turning pro.  Then I joined MHP with a full endorsement contract.  Last year I added to new product from MHP to my nutritional regimen which included a new powerful fat burner called Dren and a super post recovery drink called Dark Matter.

This combination helped me add addition lean muscle and assisted me in qualifying for the 2008 IFBB 202 Olympia Showdown.  Team MHP and its products have been vital in the past 8 years of my success in bodybuilding.

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