Training And Nutrition: Where To Start?

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Proper Training and Nutrition play such a huge role in weight management, it is the deciding factor in whether your current workout/training routine is actually worth anything. Having a solid program goes hand in hand with having a solid nutrition plan. Now before you jump the gun and go off on a tangent about how this works and that works or so &so said this, take a moment to hear me out! It may just make that much more sense.

Do your homework; being a trainer/business owner I hear this line too often, “well so-so said that Blah Blah Blah works so when I did it I didn’t get the same results.” Here’s why: Everyone is different no matter if you are joined at the hip or grew up together your whole life. Your needs are completely; nutritionally and exercise wise. So your programming should be different and not cookie-cutter, which 90% of the fitness industry believes in prescribing, you are an individual so should your programming…Individual to you!

If you are not getting the results you want, tweak your programming. There’s nothing worse than stalling out on a program because it is “boring”! Do something out of the norm that will shock your system and jumpstart you back on track.

If you have a trainer and they prescribe you the exact program as everyone else…tweak your trainer! Find a trainer that will customize your programming based on YOU not everyone else. It is my job to get you results, not place you under the same programming/nutrition as an elite level athlete. Your trainer should be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses, point out general nutritional advice and motivate your to push yourself! If they don’t meet that criteria…run!

In my next installment, I will delve into the mechanics of have a smart training and strong philosophies which are basic fundamentals in reaching your potential goals.?

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