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Man of Iron? The Truth Is In The Hands

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There is one universal sign of a man’s work ethic: his hands. I don’t care how big he is, or how strong he appears to be. It’s the hands that tell the story.

How hard does he really go? How far does he push his limits? Only the hands can tell. There are guys who act like they train hard, and there are those who do, and the difference will be in his hands.

The hands of a man who trains hard will be ugly. They are rough. There are caluses all over his palms. They were forged lifting a weight that forces him to pour his heart and soul into every rep of every set of every workout.

There is nothing pretty about those hands. They are not manicured and soft. They show a history of self inflicted brutality. That is the truest measure of a man of iron. If a man’s hands look like they belong to a model, rest assured he doesn’t train hard, and he doesn’t deserve your respect or admiration.

The hands of a man of iron should look like they belong to a farmer, framer,  mechanic, plumber, or anyone else who makes a living off of the work of his hands. A man of iron’s hands will have the scars of battle forever ingrained on them, because he cant step away. He can’t force himself to quit until he sees more reps, or a new weight go up.

If you need a visual, then go look at the hands of the men I have mentioned above, or any other man who lives and dies by what his hands produce. That is how a man of iron’s hands should look. How many times do you see a guy come in to the gym and take a weight he could do 10 easy reps with, and do just five? Then he steps away and wipes the pseudo-sweat from his brow. He will begin to boast of his efforts, look at his hands, and you will know what kind of a man he is.

Don’t be like that guy. Let your hands show your toil. Let them show your blood and pain. Let them show what is in your soul.

Be a man of iron, and not some wimp who thinks he is a man. Don’t be like those men. Brother, I tell you one last time… be a man of iron, and let your hands show your work.


  1. @Eiwaz Good question bro, as best i can tell they use them only because it helps (slightly) with grip, same goes for straps and all the other gear, Im a raw lifter and prefer it that way

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  2. Hey nice article, but in my opinion I don´t like use training gloves, it´s useless. But why some bodybuilers like Ronnie Coleman use them?

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  3. I agree Tony, although i used to wear gloves, but could never find a pair that fit right, and when i did i would lose them, so i just stopped. I’ve found that my grip has improved without there use, and as you put it, my hands have become more manly

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  4. Good insight. I stopped wearing weightlifting gloves years ago in the quest for man hands. In powerlifting, strongman , and just day to day grip strength is so important.

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