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Simple 5 x 5 Workout Routine for Strength and Sanity

This article written by Ken Banks from the Muscle and Brawn forum.

As a bodybuilder, these days I am a big believer in simplicity. For years I banged out fancy-shmancy routines taken from newsstand muscle mags that featured numerous how-to … Read more

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“LIME” Bench Press Workout

The “LIME” workout was created by Legosinmyegos from the Muscle and Brawn Forum

Step 1: Take ~70% of your max, this is your rep out weight for day 1 of the first week.

Step 2: Identify a week spot in your bench, and plan your 2nd bench… Read more

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The Hugh Jackman Wolverine Workout

Hugh Jackman wasn’t playing games this year when he got in shape for the box office smash hit, Wolverine. Jackman was jacked, and had obviously been busting his butt in the gym. But he didn’t just hit the gym and start performing … Read more

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How to Gain Muscle Mass in One Hour a Week

Limited Time. For those with limited time, lifting often gets put on the back burner. But it doesn’t have to be set aside. The following workout plan can be performed in one or two days a week, and only takes one hour to perform.

But you have… Read more

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German Volume Training

German Volume Training

Is your training stuck in a rut? Desperate for an intense routine that will blast your body into new levels of mass and strength? Be careful what you wish for…because German Volume Training is your dream come true,… Read more

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Smolov Junior Powerlifting Cycle

The Smolov Junior powerlifting cycle is slightly less demanding then the standard Smolov cycle.  Smolov Junior is generally a 3 week cycle, but some trainees extend it to 4, 5 and even 6 weeks.


Monday… 6 x Read more

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