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Tom Platz DVD

Tom Platz DVD preview…back day.

Rare Arnold Video Interview from 1978

Rare Arnold Schwarzenegger video interview from 1978.

Deadlifting Setup Commentary, Video, Part 2

Again, we come back to the issue of deadlift setup. While the lifters strength is undeniable, watch his form and concentration slip after the first rep. The lifter does an excellent job setting up on the first rep. he sinks…

Video: A Look Inside Weider

Curious about what it’s like inside the offices of the Weider universe? This Team Andro video provides a great look behind the scenes. Click here to watch the video.

Steve Terano: Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth

Food Doesn’t Cause Muscle Growth “Will eating additional food or protein cause your muscle to get bigger? No.” – Steve Terano. Is Steve Terano’s claim true? No. research states otherwise. According to Genetic Influences on the Response of Body Fat…

Mike Beaudet’s Report on 6-OXO

Mike Beaudet‘s report on 6-Oxo. We tested two over the counter dietary supplements to see if they contain steroids. They’re called 6-OXO and 6-OXO Extreme. They’re used by athletes including bodybuilders. The lab results show both products contain androstenedione, which…

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