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Overtraining 101

LeslieRae Newton

We have all done it at one point, or several points, in our lives. Sometimes we get a new workout program, met someone new, end a relationship, or get bad medical news we tend to go from 0-60mph with exercise….

Make The Sacrifice

LeslieRae Newton

Webster defines sacrifice as a destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else. We all have dreams, and we all have routine in our life. We dream of a better body, job, home, life style and relationships,…

The Men’s Health Plague

Mike Gossett

God, I love the forums and magazines. Where else do I get to see people talk about things they have no clue about. Yet they are considered gods. Don’t get me wrong, some guys on the forums and in the…

Getting Warmed Up

Mike Gossett

One question I see over and over again is how do I warm up? I rarely ever answer this question decisively, because it is my belief that a proper warm up is an individual thing. I have offered advice on…

Weight Training: I Like Dirt

Mike Gossett

I like dirt! I like grime, sweat, spit, and bugs, and all the other nasty little things you find in my home gym. I like it all for one reason…the atmosphere it creates. Do you really think cavemen survived by…

Steroid Use In Teens

Killian McGrath

At my gym I see it all the time. A scrawny teen with “BACK-NE” (back acne), doing  avolume training routine that he most likely got out of a bodybuilding magazine. Steroid use, along with other performance enhancing drugs, is rapidly…

Man of Iron? The Truth Is In The Hands

Mike Gossett

There is one universal sign of a man’s work ethic: his hands. I don’t care how big he is, or how strong he appears to be. It’s the hands that tell the story. How hard does he really go? How…