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The Art of Discussion And Information Selection


This article will come in two parts and will be different in that rather than the writer taking sole responsibility in forming opinions and coming to conclusions, you as the reader will share the responsibility in coming to conclusions and … Read more

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The Iron By Henry Rollins


The Iron by Henry Rollins

I believe that the definition of definition is reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself.


When I was young I had no sense of myself. All I was, was a product of all the… Read more

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Consistency: Facing The Gorilla


In my final installment I want to stress the importance of remaining consistent until you have reached your goal. Through all the hard work and discipline that you have put yourself through, the countless hours you put in, the meal planning,… Read more

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Smart Training And Strong Philosophy


Ever stopped to think about how philosophy and training go hand in hand?

What’s your philosophy when it comes to training? Do you actually know what it means to be consistent and have a solid training philosophy?

Ask yourself, Are you the person… Read more

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Nutrition Training

Training And Nutrition: Where To Start?


Proper Training and Nutrition play such a huge role in weight management, it is the deciding factor in whether your current workout/training routine is actually worth anything. Having a solid program goes hand in hand with having a solid nutrition… Read more

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Muscle Building Training

Advantages Of Single Arm Or Single Leg Training


I’d do a few things differently if I could start my 20+ years of training all over again.  Here’s one that has come to mind:  I would have done more single arm and (especially) single leg movements.  I don’t regret spending most of my … Read more

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10 Tips To Get In Great Shape Now


Since becoming a personal trainer, I have seen training techniques and diet fads come and go. Individuals tend to complicate their routines/diets by reading several published periodicals and through advice from amateur consultants. Physique… Read more

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